Clive’s site is now live

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Clive’s site on the GIS Cloud System is live, CAO Carla Kenney informed Clive council at their regular meeting Aug. 21.
It includes aerial views, land titles, infrastructure data and 360 degree photo/LiDAR layers. Property information will be added as another layer.
Construction on the 49th Ave. and 52 St. began on Aug. 9 with difficulties encountered with the water service lines. Council motion to use the Contingency Reserve fund up to $12,000 rather than pursue debenture financing for the project.
Council passed first reading of a Procedural Bylaw that regulates the proceedings, clear format and conduct of council, its committees, administration, the media and the public to understand the decision-making procoss which shall be consistent with the principles of neutrality, equality, fairness and democracy.
A Code of Conduct Bylaw was given first reading which provides standards for members of council relating to their roles and obligations, and a procedure for the investigation and enforcement of those standards.
Council also reviewed and provided input on the draft Social Media Policy.
Mayor Gillard reported on her attendance at the Lacombe and Bentley parades as well as the Lacombe Foundation. Coun. Graden reported his attendance at the Alix parade.
Council went in-camera with only councillors present to discuss personnel at 7:35 p.m. and returned to an open meeting at 8:35 p.m.

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