Clive to draft cat bylaw

Village of Clive will proceed with a cat bylaw.

At its regular meeting June 13, council voted in favour of a bylaw. Coun. Marvin Wieler voted against the motion.

The village recently conducted a survey in the community and Chief Administrative Officer (CAO)

Carla Kenney said the results were slightly on the agreement side of the village having a cat bylaw.

Mayor Anita Gillard said council “should at least consider it,” adding that it would be a tool for the village to issue warnings.

Coun. Luci Henry said, “They are a nuisance to a lot of people in the community.”

Coun. Dan Graden said the survey indicates people are in favour of a cat bylaw.

No curfew for youth
Clive council, however, didn’t pass a bylaw imposing a curfew on youth.

The village considered a curfew, which would give police a right to stop youth out late at night and ask where they are going and what they are doing.

Mayor Anita Gillard was in favour of a curfew saying a bylaw would give RCMP the right to stop youth on the street late at night, question them, and if needed, take them home to their parents.

CAO Carla Kenney said the results of the survey indicate that there isn’t a huge public outcry from residents regarding a curfew.

Council tabled the issue.

The village will draft a bylaw allowing urban hens in Clive for a pilot project.

Council’s vote was split 3 – 2. Councillors opposed to the motion included Coun. Bev Krochak and Coun. Marvin Wieler.

CAO Carla Kenney said those surveyed were evenly split on the issue but added there were a few more in favour. She said that there was a lot of interest, however, from residents for a pilot project allowing urban hens.

Business walk
Nine Clive businesses participated in the Regional business walk.

Clive partnered with Blackfalds and Rimbey for the Regional Business Network (RBN) Business Walks pilot project. The pilot project was created by business resource providers including Community Futures and Rural Alberta Business Centres. They aim to promote business sustainability and growth in the region.

The nine Clive businesses that participated included accommodation/food, retail, agriculture and finance.

CAO Carla Kenney told council that concerns in the three communities were similar.

“Even though we are a lot smaller the same (concerns/issues) show up between the three regions.”

Results of the survey show businesses want to see: increase collaborative promotion (44 per cent), training with social media, sales, employee recruitment and retention (22 per cent), new business attraction (11 per cent), and shop local initiatives (11 per cent).

Council accepted the survey as information.

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