Clive tackles cats, curfews and chickens

Village of Clive continues to debate bringing in a curfew, a cat bylaw and now allowing urban hens.

At its last meeting Clive deferred making a decision on creating a cat bylaw and enacting a youth curfew and now, after two letters about urban hens, they added that to their list during their regular council meeting April 11.

Council will send a survey to residents by mail, as well as offering an online survey, asking their opinion on the three issues.

Mayor Anita Gillard expressed concern that making a youth curfew implies the village has a problem with youth but she added that having one gives law enforcement the ability to stop youth late at night and ask where they are going and what they are doing.

“I think it’s good to have one because it backs up police and [Lacombe County bylaw],” she said.

The village is considering a cat bylaw after a resident approached council last month asking for help dealing with unwanted cats using her yard as a litter box.

Surplus allocated

The Village of Clive had a $67,384 operating surplus from 2015 and put most of it towards future road repairs.

Five thousand will go to the fire department, $5,000 to water and $5,000 to sewer and the remaining to road reserve funds.

“To me that’s [road repairs] one of the priorities,” said Clive Mayor Anita Gillard during council’s regular meeting April 11.

Likewise, Coun. Marvin Wieler agreed.

“That will be a big boost to the village doing that.”

Future road repairs include in front of 4604 – 47 Ave., intersection of 52 Ave. and 47 St., road near 4902 – 49 Ave. and 5115 – 49 Ave.

By 2019 Clive has to replace the fire department’s self-contained breathing apparatuses for an estimated $100,000, which will be cost shared by Lacombe County.

Renews contract with PCPS

Clive council unanimously voted in favour of renewing its contract with Parkland Community Planning Services (PPCS) next year for another three-year term.

PCPS provides planning expertise to its 17 member municipalities who can’t afford to retain their own planning staff. Clive revealed they currently pay $7,270 a year for the service. Clive uses its services for general planning queries and services provided for update of its Community Sustainability Plan, Land Use Bylaw and Municipal Development, said Clive Chief Administrative Officer Carla Kenney in her report to council.

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