Clive residents voice support of land use bylaw changes


About six Clive residents packed into the tiny Village of Clive council chambers for the village’s public hearing Jan. 23 on proposed changes to its land use bylaw.
The revised bylaw sets out to address what accessory buildings are allowed in residential areas, types of development permitted in the village, derelict vehicles, use of shipping containers and rezoning 4803 – 47 Ave. from urban reserve to residential small holdings.
During the public hearing, Tammy Zaytsoff told council that she supports the proposed changes to the land use bylaw. She suggested, however, that council consider allowing tent sheds for people to place over derelict vehicles and charge a $50 annual permit fee.
She said these types of structures are allowed in other communities, including Red Deer. Red Deer’s land use bylaw allows Temporary Buildings (tents) and residents are required to have a building permit.
Permits are also required for temporary heat and electrical installations.
“That would solve some of the problems with derelict vehicles,” she said.
Clive resident Pete Steringa, who served six years previously on Clive council, said he would like to see the village put services in the back alley and not front yard in the future.
Bev Northcott said she was in favour of shipping containers being used in Clive.
Laurie Hermary sent a letter in support of proposed land use bylaw changes to the village. In her letter she said she owns both commercial and residential property in the village.
Hermary said she supported the use of shipping containers on commercial properties. She was also in favour of allowing unregistered vehicles on commercial property as long as they were neat and tidy. She said many with unregistered vehicles can’t afford to register all of their vehicles at once.
“I feel the village needs to make the much needed changes to provide the services these business owners need to expand the Village of Clive commercial sector and tax revenue,” she said in her letter.
Council gave first reading to the bylaw Nov. 28, however, during their regular council meeting Jan. 23 they tabled second and third reading until administration can make more changes to the proposed revised bylaw.
Mayor Anita Gillard said the definition of a derelict vehicle definitely needs to be clarified to be more than just unregistered vehicles. She said some people have several vehicles – some new – but don’t have them all insured year-round.
Mayor Anita Gillard suggested derelict be redefined to unsightly and unregistered.
Coun. Marvin Wieler said it should be defined as unregistered and not capable of moving.
Clive Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) Carla Kenney suggested council require the use of shipping containers be approved through the municipal planning commission instead of just going to the development officer for approval.
Administration will make the changes and bring the proposed bylaw back to council.

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