Clive Library wants village to take ownership of building

The Clive Library Board wants the village to assume ownership of the library building. The library board said they would be financially responsible for any upkeep, renovations and repairs to the building.
The Clive Resource Centre Society (CRCS) also sent a letter to the village asking them to take over ownership of the library building.
Karen Knight, Treasurer of CRCS said they wanted to gift the building to the Clive Library Board but the board’s GST number is inactive.
Deputy Mayor Norma Penney said there were many unanswered questions in the proposal.
“I would like more information.”
Council voted in favour of directing administration to get more information.

Clive collaborates with Bentley
Council unanimously passed a motion to support a grant application by the Town of Bentley on behalf of Parkland Community Planning Services (PCPS) to form a regional Subdivision and Development Appeal Board (SDAB). Bentley will be the managing partner.
Clive is participating, along with Ponoka, Penhold and Summer Village of Parkland Beach.
Mayor Luci Henry said it’s difficult for smaller communities to pay for all the training involved for a SDAB.
Coun. Tracey Hallman said “it’s a good idea for everybody to get together and create a regional board.”

Incomplete 2017 projects
The village voted in favour of transferring $16,000 allowed in the 2017 budget for projects that weren’t completed be transferred to reserves.
That includes $11,000 from administration to the computer and software reserve; $1,000 from administration to the legal reserve; and $4,000 from recreation to the outdoor rink reserve.
CAO Kenney said the village will complete the projects.
“It’s just a matter of timing.”
Putting money into a legal reserve fund is good planning, she said.
“If we were ever involved in legal action it’s not going to be for $1,000. It’s more prudent to budget it and roll it into reserves. You always hope you never need it. At least if you do there are legal reserves there in case the one time in 50 years you need it.”

Efforts to keep postal outlet
Council voted in favour of committing to support a Canada Post office in Clive and sending a letter to the Minister of Public Services and Procurement.
Coun. Susan Russell said Clive needs to keep its post office.
“It would be a loss if we didn’t have that post office.”
Coun. Jeremy Whelan said the local post office employs two or three individuals.
“So it’s a concern for me.”

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