Clive debates ‘to enforce or not to enforce’

Village of Clive Coun. Bev Krochak told village council at its regular meeting Aug. 29 that a commercial property in Clive is allowing people to live in trailers on its lot and wanted the village to deal with the issue.

Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) Carla Kenney said the village couldn’t act without a written complaint from a resident adding that enforcement is difficult and costly.

“There has to be enough evidence,” said CAO Kenney. “If there’s not enough evidence it’s a waste of the court’s time.”

She added that there is a “fine line” between interfering in peoples’ lives and making the community safe and hospitable for everyone else.

Coun. Luci Henry said perhaps Coun. Krochak was aware of a situation but asked for details on how she became aware of it and added that the village needs solid proof before they could act.

Coun. Krochak said she had complaints from unnamed residents asking how come residents aren’t able to allow people to stay in motor homes and yet commercial properties can.

CAO Kenney said the village’s bylaw deals with residential properties and doesn’t address the issue for commercial properties.  The village’s bylaw says residents can’t have a holiday trailer, motor home, camper or large boat in a residential district for more than 30 days total in one year.

Mayor Anita Gillard said the residents who complained to Coun. Krochak need to provide the village with a written complaint.

“We just can’t do it (enforcement) out of mid-air.”

Mayor Gillard added that the bylaw wording “doesn’t make any sense” and suggested the village revisit the bylaw.

Coun. Marvin Wieler said the village’s bylaw “doesn’t have any teeth.”

The village will review this particular bylaw in the future.

Local fundraiser in works
Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) Carla Kenney said the village is gearing up for a village wide garage sale on Sept. 10 to fundraise for the Clive Resource Centre Society. The event will go ahead rain or shine.

Quiet summer
The village only had four complaints to Lacombe County bylaw enforcement in July and they were all traffic related.

Collecting property taxes
CAO Kenney told council staff to make phone calls to remind people of unpaid property taxes.  Those who still haven’t paid by November will receive letters.

She added, however, that the village does more than the larger municipalities – who don’t call landowners with reminders.

“Most are happy to get reminders,” said CAO Kenney.

Each year Municipal Affairs completes a Key Measures of Municipal Sustainability for all municipalities. CAO Kenney said in 2014, out of 10 indicators, Clive only received one failing grade and it was for having more than five percent of uncollected property taxes. She added, however, that it doesn’t take the smaller communities much for that to trigger a high percentage of uncollected taxes.  In 2014 Clive had 10.7 per cent unpaid property taxes. The 2015 report comes out next month.

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