Clive Council looks at by-laws

Jennifer Chernishenko
ECA Review Reporter

Clive’s council went over the proposed changes to their traffic by-law on August 20. Some aspects of the by-law they looked at were the definition of heavy vehicles being more than 9,000 kilograms; not allowing the parking of heavy vehicles, tractors with or without trailers or any type of construction equipment in residential areas; and having the maximum amount of time a vehicle with a trailer can be parked on a roadway to be 72 hours.   Additionally, council discussed the use of off-road vehicles as part of the by-law. They looked at having off-highway vehicle use still being allowed in the village provided they are registered and insured and the drivers as well as passengers are wearing helmets.

Council also reviewed the animal control by-law and decided administration should write-up a draft by-law for it to be read to council. In specific they wanted “running at large” to be defined as “any animal that is present at any place other than the property of its owner and is not restrained by a person controlling the animal by means of a securely fastened leash.”
Furthermore, in the by-law they wished to have the Licensing and Fees section to be more concise.

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