Clive council likes ‘natural play’ park idea

Clive village council approved a repurpose plan for Danser Park which still includes space for a future gazebo, but now includes a game table spot, renovations for flower beds and an open area intended for kids to play in a natural environment. ECA Review/Submitted

Clive village council tweaked a park development plan to include “natural play” features for youngsters.

The resolution to alter the park plan was made at the April 22 regular meeting of council.

Village Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) Carla Kenney presented councillors with a report on Danser Park, noting plans to develop this park were approved about three years ago.

Councillors previously approved, as part of the Danser Park repurpose plan, to remove shrub beds, relocate benches and community garden boxes within the park and add a gazebo.

It was noted at the time this decision was made that the plan was “long term.”

The proposed tweaks still included space for a future gazebo, but also included a game table spot, renovations for flower beds and open area intended for kids to play in a natural environment. Kenney noted this new plan was also lower cost.

The CAO suspected that with possible drought this summer, village staff may not have to spend as much time mowing grass as usual; Kenney stated they would have time to work on this park.

Councillors unanimously approved the Danser Park repurpose plan.

Peace officer report
Councillors heard a report from Lacombe County Community Peace Officer (CPO) Mark Sproule; Clive contracts its CPO work to Lacombe County.

Looking back at 2023 Sproule noted his officers gave 64 warnings, wrote nine tickets and investigated 14 occurrences.

Sproule stated tickets are usually written for things like speeding and unregistered vehicles while warnings are for bylaw issues like snowy sidewalks and tall, uncut grass. Lastly, occurrences sometimes involved abandoned vehicles or bylaw complaints.

He stated CPOs spent considerable time working with students at Clive School: it was noted CPOs gave 26 presentations to students about railway safety, bicycle safety and many more important topics.

So far in 2024 Sproule stated his officers have given four warnings, written 10 tickets and investigated six occurrences.

Councillors agreed they were very happy with the time CPOs spend with Clive youth.

Drought duties
During her regular report the CAO noted during a Hwy. #12/21 Water Commission meeting April 19 it was stated water sharing agreements have been announced with large water license holders; with drought looming, some Albertans have been talking about how conservation could be expected of all users.

Kenney added that water commissions and municipalities tend to be seen as “low volume users” of water, but they will still be asked to conserve perhaps 10 per cent of their usual consumption.

Water issues
Kenney reported a water issue that cropped up this spring may require an engineer’s expertise.

She stated that on April 12 she and Public Works staff met with a property owner regarding a water problem in the area of 47 Street and 49 Ave.

The CAO stated that village staff and the property owner couldn’t agree on the water source causing damage, overland flooding versus ground water saturation. Hence, the CAO stated she’s contacted an engineer to perform a topographical survey and prepare recommendations for council.

Stu Salkeld
Local Journalism Initiative reporter
ECA Review

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