Clive considering Bashaw’s request to partner on flush truck

Village of Clive is considering sharing the cost of a regional flush truck with the Town of Bashaw.
Bashaw asked neighbouring municipalities if they would be interested in paying a portion of the costs for a flush truck that would have boiler and be able to be used during the winter.
“The concept of sharing a flush truck amongst municipalities make sense,” said Clive Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) Carla Kenney. “It’s worth investigating further.”
During Clive’s regular council meeting Jan. 22. CAO Kenney informed council that currently Clive contracts a flush truck for $260 per hour.
The village completes flushing of sewer mains one day a year and then two days the following year to make sure all mains are flushed. This averages out to the village spending about $3,400 per year.
In addition, Clive hires a hydrovac service for $285 an hour and spent $1,200 in 2016 and $6,400 in 2017 for these services.
“Clive uses enough flushing services to justify participation in the program,” said CAO Kenney.
Clive council voted in favour of contracting a regional flush truck from Bashaw for the village’s 2018 sewer flush program and evaluate whether to participate in the regional purchase.

Communities in Bloom
There’s a new category for Communities in Bloom and Clive plans to enter this year.
Karen Snethun, provincial coordinator for Communities in Bloom, attended Clive’s Jan. 22 council meeting outlining the new category.
“It will get people interested in doing something in the community,” said CAO Kenney.

Survey participation
Red Deer College (RDC) wants input from surrounding communities and businesses asking what are the most significant changes facing their industry in the next five to 10 years, what difference has RDC made in communities and what is the most important difference RDC could make.
CAO Kenney said council likes the idea that RDC helps adult children remain in the area while pursuing post secondary education and they would like to see RDC provide more opportunities in the fields of sports, science and medicine.
In her report to council, CAO Kenney said there were 17 participants in the Municipal Elected Officials Course that Clive hosted earlier in January, including seven councillors from Blackfalds, four from Bashaw, four from Clive and one from Alix.

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