Climate crisis, zing we’ve been looking for

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Dear Editor,
Forget climate change. That one, like it’s predecessor, global warming, was still severely lacking in intensity and shock value. Introducing “climate crisis”! Now that’s more like it. It has the zing we’ve been looking for, doesn’t it?

You might have noticed this new catchphrase in the latest propaganda ads being touted on Network Television with our depreciated tax dollars by the Trudeau/Singh regime for the consumption of the gullible.

You may have even seen Joe Biden’s reference to it, “crimate clisis”. After all it’s origin, the World Economic Forum, is the common thread in it’s inception.

The point being, you can count on the climate cult activists to immediately get on board with it, and use it for their perverse agenda.

Once again, with the fast approaching spring, (hastened even by the cyclic El Nino), brace for a brutal attack of smoke brought on by the phantom fire bugs.

As was the case last summer with ditch fires which broke out along Hwy. 9 running west from Hanna, these fires do not start themselves. Even unseasonably warm temperatures or droughts cannot cause fires to erupt spontaneously.

And you can bet that this spring similarly to last spring, arsonists will be back out with matches. Probably somewhere just off Sec. Hwy. 2 running north from Grand Prairie or Hwy. 43, from Grand Prairie running north and west and on north up B.C. Hwy. 2 to Dawson Creek and beyond.

As in the past, the fires will be breaking out during the typical dry spell that precedes the summer rains, and even before electrical storms have begun to form over Alberta.

The scenario is so predictable that, as one who has nothing better to do than pay close attention to such details, I have to ask the question, where are the RCMP during the initiation of these crimes, or the Forestry Service, or Fish and Wildlife Officers?

We know they are not out counting dead birds beneath wind turbine towers, in my opinion, since that task has been designated the responsibility of the Wind Farm Developers themselves. (Something akin to placing a weasel in charge of policing the Chicken House – that, however, is the subject for a different letter).

In my opinion, the Trudeau subsidized media are all too happy to refrain from investigating or reporting on the suspicious nature of many of the spring forest fires, sadly it has come down to just one or two social media news platforms to carefully follow and investigate this criminal activity.

The intent of these fire starters is really quite obvious. Hit people where their lungs hurt or hit them in the pocketbook with the destruction of their homes and livelihoods, and their minds will soon follow in your cause.

Thank you, Mr. Dressup. I know in some ways you are smarter than we tend to surmise.

M. Lee Hudson, Calgary 
/Paintearth County

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