Climate Crisis brainwashing

The world is going nuts!

It seems like one of the most important issues in this election is climate change.

We all watched the spectacle of worldwide demonstrations on climate change a couple of weeks ago.

They are telling us that the world is in a climate crisis the likes of which we have never before seen.

It is nothing but pure propaganda.

To make their point, the powerful forces from the UN, media, environmentalists and left-wing political forces have convinced a poor 16-year-old Swedish girl into speaking to large crowds of people in a way that would just tear at your heartstrings, denouncing governments that have not taken climate change seriously and are allowing the world to be destroyed by increasing world C02 emissions.

This girl, Greta Thunberg, has no idea how she has been used by these powerful forces to achieve their objectives by means of misinformation and manipulation.

Her and millions of young people around the world have been brainwashed into thinking that we have a climate crisis.

When you know that this is a manufactured crisis, it just about makes you sick to watch it.

The real objective of these forces is to destroy capitalism and create a world government.

When you realize that most of the UN members are dictatorships of one kind and another, this government, if it ever happened, would not even be democratic.

Watching the various political campaigns that are taking place in this election in Canada it is obvious to me that these politicians are just as gullible as Greta Thunberg on the cause of climate change.

Even if they know better they think there are enough misinformed people in the country that they can get elected on the issue.

They are all prepared, especially the progressives, to spend billions of taxpayer dollars to solve a manufactured problem that doesn’t even exist.

Canada is responsible for 1.6 per cent of global C02 emissions.

China is responsible for close to 25 per cent of global emissions.

To listen to the perpetrators of this hoax you would think that Canadians can solve the world climate crisis.

They never mention China.

The Provost News publishes a column written by Bill Manske.

He has written three columns that I have read recently on the subject of climate change.

I am not sure where he gets his information but the information in his columns are a real eye-opener from the usual propaganda that you read about that record heat events.

For example, he reported “An all-time low –the temperature in Brazil on July 9.” or “Urupena, a municipality in Santa Catarina State in southern Brazil recorded its coldest temperature ever in the morning of July 7. The temperature plunged to minus 9.2 degrees Celsius.”

In his columns, he sites more than 25 or 30 examples of record cold temperatures around the world in just this year.

He says that the mainstream media refuses to report cold temperatures.

They will only report hot temperatures.

I have stated for some time that when it comes to climate change, the mainstream media are being deliberately dishonest.

I told my Member of Parliament (MP) at a meeting a few months ago that when the public finds out how they have been lied to about climate change it could cause a revolution.

I have been trying for some time to find out what the annual mean temperature has been for every year since 2010.

It seems that somehow that information is being kept confidential.

There is a climate change conspiracy that they do not want the public to know the real truth about climate change.

This would completely unravel the fraud that has been perpetrated on us for the last two or three decades.

This racket has the potential to destroy the world economy and must change.


by Herman Schwenk

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