Climate change task force submits funding request

Hanna town council

Hanna CAO Kim Neill reported to council at their regular meeting on Tues., Feb. 8 that the Climate Change Task Force has submitted a funding request to Alberta’s Department of Economic Development for the purpose of determining the ramifications of a premature shut down of the Sheerness Generating Station in addition to assisting the Town of Hanna, and surrounding region explore new potential opportunities.

Mayor Warwick, along with other mayors and reeves in communities that will be the most affected by the premature shutdown of coal generating stations, met with the Minister of Economic Development on Jan. 22.

Administration also attended a meeting with Special Areas and representatives of ATCO Power – Renewables Division to discuss potential land in the Special Areas that could be used to develop some renewable power generation such as solar or wind.

Community partnership grants
Administration completed and submitted two applications under the Alberta Community Partnership Program as the managing partner.

These two projects were approved by Council at the Jan. 12, 2016 meeting and are the Library Renovation/Expansion Project and the Fire Department Training/Burn Tower Project.

It is anticipated that decisions on the applications will be made by Mar. 31, 2016.

Big Country Waste Management Commission update
The Commission budget has yet to be approved but it is anticipated that the requisition will be lower than originally feared as a result of the requirement to repay the loan to the Special Areas Board for the new pit over a five year period versus one year.

In addition, the Commission has increased the rates for hazardous material from $40/tonne to $90/tonne to increase revenue projections.

Special Areas is submitting an application for a Municipal Affairs, Alberta Community Partnership Grant for a new packer to be used at the Youngstown Regional Landfill site and if approved could save the Commission $350,000.

The Commission has submitted a letter signed by all of the member Mayors to the Minister of Environment requesting a meeting and to express their concerns regarding the approval process for their recent expansion as well as the confusion around becoming a certified Class II landfill.

Hanna RCMP update
Cpl. Kevin Charles, Officer In Charge (OIC) of the Hanna RCMP Detachment introduce himself to Hanna’s town council at their regular meeting on Tues., Feb. 9.  Cpl. Charles has been designated Officer In Charge of the Hanna Detachment since Sgt. Landreville has been transferred to Sherwood Park Traffic Detachment.

Cpl. Charles lives in Drumheller and will be commuting to Hanna until the officer appointed as Sergeant for the Hanna detachment sells his house in Viking and relocates to Hanna.

Equine/agricultural facility
There is an active committee investigating the feasibility of the development of an Equine/Agricultural/Multi-purpose facility in the Hanna area. One of the locations being considered is the Nill land purchased by the Town (north of the Lodge).

Outdoor fitness equipment
Administration has held some preliminary discussions with Prairie Land School Division (PLRD) representatives about the possibility of purchasing and constructing an outdoor fitness park at the JC Charyk School site.

Outdoor fitness equipment is very similar to the equipment one would find at a regular indoor fitness centre. This equipment is becoming very common in a lot of municipalities and can be used by residents of all ages.

The discussion has centered on whether or not the Town of Hanna would be interested in partnering to construct an outdoor fitness area in cooperation with PLRD and the Special Areas Board.

Administration has indicated the Town would be interested in exploring the project and will be bringing more details forward in the next few months.

Currently the Town does not have any funds budgeted for this project so it would require Council approval to contribute funds.

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