Climate change losing steam

Dear Editor,

Finally, climate change is losing steam.

This myth is following the same path as the bleeding of patients by physicians to make them better, tomatoes are poisonous to eat, the Y2K myths, and the 1970’s documentaries warnings us of an immediate ice age (which may be actually happening).

The flu pandemic and finally the greatest myth and well-practised claim that the oceans are going to rise when the North Pole ice pack melts by 2080.

This ice pack is almost entirely floating so if melting occurs the ice will be naturally replaced by ocean water and levels will recede.

Fact: Ice takes up 9.5 per cent more space than water, ice is lighter in weight than water and finally the earth’s surface is 71 per cent oceans and 29 per cent land.

If ten feet of water over the entire land mass somehow found its way into the oceans, the levels would only rise less than three feet.

To prove this fact take a container like a water glass and fill it with water and ice to where the water in the glass is completely full.

The ice will float 20 per cent above the glass and when it melts, the water will not spill over but will recede below the previous completely full mark.

More facts: Climate change was largely instigated by a small number of people in the United Nations (UN) to redistribute wealth from industrial countries to underdeveloped countries.

One part of this program is working – extorting money from you and me by inefficient and wasteful governments.

Fact: the climate change theory was based on models, not reality and estimates of warming has gone wrong.

They are down from eight degrees to five degrees and now two degrees.

In actual fact, the warming has been less than one degree. I think it is time for individuals and governments to realize the giant myth and let us spend our hard earned money where it will do some worldly good.

My ideas are from facts and common sense, not formal education which seems to have convinced some very smart people into believing this inconvenient and costly myth.

My next step is forming and organizing an action that will hire lawyers and file lawsuits against individuals and organizations that are promoting these myths that are costing us dearly.

We could fund it with our carbon tax money and collect millions in damages from these sources and put into achievable goals.


Walter Suntjens, farmer, rancher, businessman

Hanna, Ab.

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