Climate change intimidation

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Boy! Is the world ever in a mess right now.

We have the coronavirus known as COVID-19 starting to cause problems all over the world and I think it will get much worse before it gets better.

However, what I want to focus on are the escalating financial problems that are occurring due to the junk science that is being accepted as the reason for climate change.

There is no catastrophic climate crisis.

Real science does not support what is purported to be the cause of climate change.

What we are being told is nothing more than propaganda and dogma.

I have in my possession scientific documents that basically prove that C02 emissions are not the cause of climate change.

The last one is a document 22 pages in length, Abrupt Earth Changes, written by Sacha Dobler.

In it, he has numerous references where he sourced the information so it is correct.

My question is why are many politicians, CEO’s of large energy and industrial corporations and mainstream media buying into this false information being the cause of climate change?

About 25 years ago, I was a board member of the Clean Air Strategic Alliance [CASA] for about 10 years.

It is a provincial government entity with the mandate to develop solutions for eliminating real pollution, such as oil and gas well flares, vehicle emissions and things of that nature.

The organization was made up of three sectors.

They were industry representatives, government representatives and NGO’s (environment representatives of one kind or another).

I was representing the agriculture industry.

The point I want to make with this column was that the other industry reps were always very careful in their debate not to say something to antagonize or be contrary to what might be government or environmental policy positions.

They would not come out and clearly contradict an issue even if they personally disagreed with it.

I always said exactly what I thought. In personal conversations that I had with these people, they agreed with most of my positions and were happy to let me expose some of the misinformation that was being disseminated.

In plain English, they were allowing themselves to be intimidated.

A good example of this is Teck Resources CEO Don Lindsay accusing the governments of Canada and Alberta of not doing enough to combat climate change as a reason for withdrawing their application to develop the mine.

They withdrew it because they were certain from the information they were getting that the Federal government was going to disallow the mine from proceeding anyway.

This corporation is involved in many other ventures so by withdrawing their application it would appear that they were on the side of climate change policy.

They were clearly allowing themselves to be intimidated.

Another example is Manitoba Premier Brian Pallister who announced March 6 that he would be implementing a $25 flat carbon tax and reducing the sales tax.

He knows very well that that will do nothing to reduce carbon emissions but it would look like he is cooperating with Trudeau.

A recent editorial in the ECA Review stated that today the global debate is about saving the planet from catastrophic warming.

No! it isn’t, it is about making it “look” like we are saving the planet because real science has shown that the planet is starting to cool.

Another comment in the editorial stated that the Liberal federal and NDP provincial governments pulled out all the stops to ensure the construction of the Trans Mountain pipeline.

It was Liberal foot-dragging and unnecessary environmental regulation that forced Kinder Morgan to threaten abandonment of the project that caused the government to purchase the pipeline with our tax dollars.

If the climate change lobby would quit pandering to the UN and simply state that we need to conserve non-renewable energy it would accomplish what needs to happen and save the world from going bankrupt.


by Herman Schwenk

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