Climate change dogma

I came across an article online the other day that just blew my mind away. This article has to do with Ontario’s current electricity situation.
In some of my previous columns I have made reference to the fact that the economy in Ontario is rapidly becoming a monumental crisis but the statistics that are reported in this article are just incredible.
The sad part of this is that while Ontario is an extreme situation, it is not an isolated case. There are many jurisdictions that are headed in the same direction, our government here in Alberta being a prime example.
It seems that climate change being caused by C02 emissions from man consuming hydrocarbons has become dogma the world over. People all over have become totally irrational on the issue and refuse to consider the evidence of real science.
It seems to be like a new religion.
Real science proves that the effect of C02 on climate change is very small.
Here are some of the statistics that I came across. If Ontario continues with its present policy electricity rates will continue to increase for the next 20 years.
The rate will jump 52 per cent in northern Ontario. From November 2016 to November 2017 the rate paid for wind generation was $140. per megawatt (MWH) and $480. per MWH for solar energy, that was seven times the rate paid for nuclear power at $66. per MWH and eight times the rate paid for Hydro electricity at $58. per MWH.
As we all know the wind does not blow all the time and the sun does not shine all the time so they have had to increase their generating gas capacity by 9 per cent to make up for when renewable generation is not producing.
High prices have reduced demand so they are now selling power to the US at below cost.
The price of their electricity has increased by 71 per cent between 2008 and 2016 costing Ontario 74,000 manufacturing jobs and yet renewable generates less than seven per cent of their electricity.
How can any one think that this policy makes any sense? Those of us who know that it is impossible for C02 emissions to be the driver of climate change are accused of being climate change deniers.
No! We do not deny that there is some climate change. We deny that it is caused by C02.
The real deniers are the environmentalists, main stream media and the majority of politicians who all deny the evidence of real science.
I believe there are many politicians that do understand the real cause of any climate change that is taking place but do not have the courage to publicly stand up to their colleagues and dispute the C02 theory, which is too bad.
To me the real villains in the climate change dogma are the media.
I feel the media have the expertise and responsibility to research their material before it is published or broadcast. When it comes to climate change what we are getting from them, to use Trump’s description, is fake news.
In my opinion, the best thing that Trump has done for the USA and the world was withdraw from the Paris climate change agreement.
Canada should do the same. If we continue on our present path of subsidizing electricity rates instead of letting the market determine those rates, we will soon become uncompetitive with the US as has already happened in Ontario.
It won’t matter what is negotiated on the NAFTA agreement. Canadian jobs will continue to gravitate to the US simply because the cost of production will be lower there.
For 70 years the Soviet Union existed under the dogma of communism and we all know how that worked out.
If some common sense does not prevail on the issue of climate change dogma, the whole world will gradually end up in the same situation, as this has the potential to destroy the world economy.

by Herman Schwenk

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