Climate change, a natural phenomena

I read with interest the letter from Gilles Danis in the Sept. 28/17 issue of the ECA Review, titled ‘Global warming is not theory’.
I am not a scientist or a climatologist but I have studied the issue of global warming quite extensively for the past 20 years.
In reading his letter, I would suggest that he is comparing apples and plums.
Meteorological and geological scientists have done extensive research on the climate change that has occurred since the beginning of time.
There have been 11 ice ages, including the one referred to in Mr. Danis’s letter, going back about two and a half billion years.
That first ice age lasted about 400,000 years. At that time there was no oxygen in the atmosphere, it was somewhere between 70 and 90 per cent C02.
So C02 was not a factor in warming up the climate at that time.
They have figured out that in every case when the climate warmed up, C02 emissions did not increase until after the climate had warmed up.
Climate change is caused by solar activity and cycles.
During the medieval warm period over a 1000 years ago, global temperatures were much warmer than they are now.
During that period, the Vikings were farming and growing grain on Greenland.
No one knows, but it is possible that the Arctic Ocean may have been open to the North Pole at that time.
Today Greenland is solid permafrost. The warm period we are experiencing today began about the year 1750, before the industrial revelation, when man first started emitting C02 into the atmosphere from the burning of coal.
In the last 100 years, the global mean temperature has only increased by about one degree which is hardly catastrophic!
An excellent book I came across a few years ago was written by Bruno Wiskel. It describes, in detail, the work and research of the real scientists that determined the timing of the various ice ages that occurred.
The title of the book is “The Sky is Not Falling”, Putting Climate Change on Trial.
I would recommend to anyone interested in the real science of climate change, try to obtain a copy at a public library.
C02 is not destroying our living conditions, in fact, it is improving the conditions for growing plants.
There has already been an increase in yields of about 15 per cent by just increasing concentrations of CO2 from 280 parts-per-million (ppm) to 400 ppm.
Scientists have determined that the ideal concentration for plant growth would be about 1200 ppm.
My advise to everyone is to pay no attention to the climate alarmists. Climate change is and has always been natural.
The sooner the media, politicians, environmentalists etc., admit that climate change is natural, the better off the world will be.

by Herman Schwenk

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