Clearview unlikely to save Halkirk school from closure

Concerned parents of students in Halkirk’s Mother Teresa School are trying every avenue to keep the school open, if even for a few more years.

JD Johnson and Kevin Perry addressed Clearview School Board trustees at their Apr. 14 meeting, hoping to find support to keep the school open rather than have children bused to Castor.

“It’s easier for almost everybody involved to go to another school…except the children,” stated Johnson.

The local community is behind the push, according to Johnson, with volunteer efforts and fundraising.

Johnson is scheduled to meet with County of Paintearth to see if they would consider purchasing the building, which would eliminate maintenance costs if Clearview took over the operations side of the school.

“There’s such a sense of community there,” explained Perry “You won’t find a more committed group of parents and kids.”

Parents are actively involved stated Perry and despite the small size of the school, students are thriving.

“There’s a bigger story than the spreadsheets. It’s vital to our community.”

Response from the board was empathetic but not hopeful.

In a follow up phone call, Johnson stated that it was likely the school will have to close with students dispersing to other schools as there really is no other alternative left.

The school, which had previously been part of the Clearview School Division before the Catholic Association had bought it, is set to close its doors at the end of this school year.

Provincial funding remains stable
The board waited for the livestream of the provincial budget address before delving into budget discussions late into the meeting. According to the board highlights, funding will remain the same as last year.

Award of merit recipient announced
Dr. Tyler Meyer, a graduate of Gus Wetter School, was chosen by the board as the 2016 Clearview Public Schools Award of Merit recipient and will be honoured at Clearview’s Recogniton night in June.
Dr. Meyer, is a medical physicist in radiation oncology at the Tom Baker Cancer Center in Calgary.

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