Clearview trustees to visit colony schools this year

Visiting the Hutterite Colony Schools in Clearview District is on this year’s calendar of trustee activities.
Last year, trustees visited the public schools and this year, the colony schools, which fall under Clearview’s umbrella, will be visited.  Trustees made the decision at the Aug. 27 meeting.
It would be a good chance to sit down and talk to staff and older students, said Trustee Karen Holloway, about what things they would like to see.
“They might have some insight into opportunities that we can offer them,” stated Holloway, “We’ve talked for years about how do we offer something that will add to the educational opportunities of our colony kids. That’s a discussion we should be having with the elders too.”
According to the Hutterian Brethren website,, more Hutterite students are achieving education beyond the typical age of 15.
Depending on the need of the colony, students may require further education to attain trade certification. Those trades people can then complete work on the colony that require a certified tradesperson.
Some of the less conservative colonies are even allowing students to complete university level education to allow them to return and teach at the colony school rather than relying on the public system.

New logo chosen

The board selected a new logo at the meeting. Along with the new logo comes a new motto and new website. The site should be online within the next few weeks.

Budget feedback

The provincial government is looking for input regarding the 2015/16 budget.
The board agreed that educational funding needs to be based on a ‘needs’ basis as well as the current per student basis. The current system favours urban schools with a greater number of students over the rural, smaller schools.
The budget consultations are open to everyone and can be accessed at for those wanting to leave an opinion.

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