Clearview students to profit from historic agreement

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Convening a special partnership meeting on Wed. June 20, senior leadership and board chairs from both Clearview and Wolf Creek Public Schools formalized a significant partnership to bring enhanced learning opportunities to rural high school students in central Alberta.
Beginning this September, Clearview students will benefit from the Enhanced Learning Model (ELM), a “made in Wolf Creek” approach to support the educational needs of students in Grade 10 – 12.
Over the past two years, Wolf Creek teachers designed courses to broaden student opportunities, creating a flexible learning model that can meet the needs of a variety of students.
Blending high-quality digital course content with face-to-face teacher supports, ELM has proven to be particularly useful at small rural high schools, enhancing the delivery of curriculum.
“Small rural schools face unique challenges, and Wolf Creek’s model offers significant potential advantages to address our needs. Our two school divisions have a history of working together, and this agreement is a natural next step,” said Peter Barron, Superintendent of Clearview Public Schools.
ELM also supports High School Redesign work; a province-wide initiative focused on redesigning high schools to be more student-centred and responsive.
The ELM model helps to make the curriculum more flexible and personalized, removing predetermined calendars and schedules as a constraint on students’ growth.
If a student wants to accelerate their pace and finish a course early, that’s possible.
If a student needs to take a few extra weeks to complete their coursework into the next semester, that’s possible too.
Students will gain options in terms of class choice and access to high-quality academic content.
Newly appointed Learning Services Coordinator Korey Von Kuster will work collaboratively between the two divisions to implement the ELM model in Clearview schools.
Honoured to be part of the partnership between the Clearview and Wolf Creek school divisions, Mr. Von Kuster will be assisting teachers with this new method of curriculum delivery, replacing the ‘sage on the stage, with a guide on the side,’ in a unique journey of learning, teaching and growing.
Lorrie Jess, Board Chair of Wolf Creek Public Schools, said, “WCPS Board is super excited about the partnership with Clearview School Division and our ability to offer the Enhanced Learning Model and diploma prep support for your grade 10 – 12 students. We wish your students much success!”
This collaboration between Clearview and Wolf Creek Public Schools will benefit nearly 2000 high school, students
“We had a need. Wolf Creek had a program,” stated Ken Checkel, Board Chair of Clearview Public Schools. “It is wonderful that we can fill that need for our students and staff with our great neighbouring division.”

Linda Stillinger
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