Clearview school trustees debate new guidelines

The government’s new ‘Guidelines for Best Practices’ that deals with transgendered students in schools has Clearview School Board trustees debating how to incorporate the guidelines into Clearview policy.

At the Feb. 4 board meeting, trustees opted to bring the debate to the public in the form of town hall meetings slated for March 15 in Castor and March 16 in Stettler. The board also requested that administration formulate a survey that can go out to all parents, staff and students for feedback.

According to Superintendent Peter Barron, the board can decide how and what to implement from the guidelines.

The guideline’s directive to provide a ‘welcoming, caring, respectful and safe learning environment’ for all staff and students is already Clearview policy, declared Trustee Karen Holloway. Holloway took issue with the guidelines assumption that schools are not already meeting these guidelines for every student on an individual basis.

A draft copy of Policy 105 – Safe and Caring Schools, which addresses the guidelines, is available on the Clearview website.

School bus replacement
Depending on tender bids and the Canadian dollar, Clearview will purchase either four or five new buses this year to replace vehicles that are past the 10-year evergreening mark.

Maryann Wingie, Director of Transportation, presented the board with options for replacement.

After analyzing the cost effectiveness of larger 70 and 46 passenger buses compared to microbuses, the larger buses proved to be the preferred choice.

Because buses are rotated from rural to town routes, and longer to shorter routes in order to manage wear and tear, all buses need to be able to accommodate more riders.

Clearview operates 49 regular buses transporting 1,269 students, which amounts to 57 per cent of Clearview’s students.

Clearview has $502,251 set aside in the 2015/16 budget for bus replacement. Depending on the value of the Canadian dollar at time of purchase, that figure may not be sufficient to replace all five buses.

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