Clearview school division names Star Award winners

Teresa Kneeland (R) recognized for significant contribution to Clearview’s school communities. ECA Review/Submitted
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Teresa Kneeland, right, recognized for significant contribution to Clearview’s school communities. ECA Review/Submitted

Clearview Public Schools is pleased to announce that Teresa Kneeland, Steve Maruk, Justin Tanner and Troy Auton have been selected as the 2019 recipients of the 2019 Clearview Star Award.

The Clearview Star Award recognizes staff and community members who have made significant contributions to our school communities through volunteerism, as a community partner, or supported our schools at the school community level.

Teresa Kneeland of Teresa’s Catering was nominated for the 2019 Clearview Star Award for her volunteerism and contributions to the community and Donalda School.

Teresa is involved with the Nutrition Program at Donalda School from February to June. She works with the Grade 7 to 9 students as they learn about nutrition.

She helps them prepare and serve a meal for the whole school once a week.

Teresa provides “Teresa’s Frozen Food” for the Donalda School fall fundraiser.

She often gives meals to the school when her catering company has leftover food from an event. Teresa also employs some Clearview students in her catering business.

Firefighters Steve Maruk, Justin Tanner and Troy Auton as part of the Stettler Regional Fire Department were nominated for the 2019 Clearview Star Award for their volunteerism, including their contributions to the community and Clearview students at Stettler Elementary School and Donalda School.

They are co-recipients of the award.

As local volunteer firefighters, they have visited Clearview schools in Stettler and Donalda to provide fire safety education.

They have also provided fire station tours to groups of students.

Steve Maruk and Justin Tanner presented fire safety for Kindergarten students for the past two years at Stettler Elementary School.

Aside from prepping for the presentation, they give up four hours of their own time as they have to present to four separate classes, a total of 99 students.

The volunteers have brought an interactive model home that demonstrates the dangers such as smoke and electrical fires.

This house is an aide to help the students visually learn about fireproofing rooms in the home.

They also provided the students with fire engine hats and goody bags with educational resources for parents and children, colouring activities and emergency information.

There has been positive feedback from parents about how much their child has learned about fire safety.

Donalda School representative added “We had firefighters Justin Tanner and Troy Auton visit the Donalda Kindergarten in November 2018. They were both very professional and taught the students all about fire safety in our homes. They encouraged the students to actively participate in their learning. They also provided each student with a package that included a fire hat that they loved! The presentation helped to reinforce everything we had talked about in previous classes. I will definitely have them come to our classroom again!”



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