Clearview School Division forecasts budget deficit in 2017-18

Associate Superintendent Peter Neale presented an update to the 2017-18 Projected (Spring) Budget at the May 4 meeting of the Clearview Public School Board.
Based on enrollment projections and the Alberta Government’s March 16 funding announcement, the current forecast shows Clearview operating in the 2017-18 school year with a $561,600 deficit.
Data formulated from current enrolment numbers, high school graduation statistics and the Kindergarten and early learning enrollment estimates point to a student decline of one point eight percent.
Adding further financial stress to the system are the steady rise in non-controllable expenses and the lower funding increases from the Alberta Government.
At this time Clearview has the necessary resources to cover the operation and maintenance expenditures for 2017-18 but has been steadily drawing down on the division’s finite reserves.
Operating reserves are expected to decrease by 69 per cent, from $4,928,941 in August 2010 to $1,519,588 by August 2018.
A lack of resources could significantly challenge Clearview’s current operating model by the end of 2017-18.
The Projected Budget is expected to be approved on May 25.
A final budget for 2017-18 will be developed in the fall based on actual enrolment and staffing figures.

Trade Fair
Costs and value were up for debate as the board discussed the benefits of participating in Stettler’s annual Trade Fair.
Free Tim Horton’s coffee and a photo booth were new features introduced to draw visitors in to Clearview’s booth this year.
Though these attractions brought in a lot of people, options for more effective ways to spend marketing dollars were discussed.
Given that the main goal of their promotional activities is to attract and retain students, all the board members agreed there was a need to do something different to showcase what goes on in Clearview schools, promote brand recognition and recruit more staff involvement.

Celebrating Clearview staff
Trustees wrapped up the final details for Clearview’s 2017 Recognition Night.
Retirees and veteran employees will be recognized for their contributions on Wednesday, June 7 at the Stettler Community Hall.
Five retirees and sixty long service employees, including three at 30 years and one at 35 years, will be honoured.

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