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Clearview School Board Superintendant John Bailey


John Bailey has been reappointed as Superintendent of Schools by the Clearview School Division at their Monday, December 24 2012 board meeting. Bailey’s appointment is for five years.

Community meetings

Further to motions made in the wake of the proposed rural school closings, Clearview School Board has extended deadlines for finalizing consultations used in the community meetings. The board anticipates that the meetings will be held with all communities before the end of the 2013 school term. Details about the meetings will be discussed at the January 7, 2013 committee of the whole meeting.

Administration review

School board trustees approved the preparation of the Request for Proposal to carry out an independent review of the school board’s administration. The review is further to a motion passed by trustees at the Thursday, November 22, 2012 school board meetings. The review will identify potential inefficiencies in the board’s operations. A draft proposal will be presented for the board’s approval at the Thursday, January 17 school board meeting.


The board considered measures to improve the transparency in the reporting of board business. The board is considering posting the remuneration, benefits and expenses of school board trustees on the Clearview  School District’s website. Expenses incurred by the Superintendent and Secretary-Treasurer will also be posted. This action is in line with recommendations put forth by the Government of Alberta’s expense disclosure policy. It will be posted on a monthly basis. Broadcasting public portions of future school board meetings on the Internet was also discussed. Trustees have directed administration to investigate the idea and issue a report. Issuing the board’s agenda package to the public was also considered and will be investigated by administration.

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