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Board Chair Ken Checkel spoke to his advocacy of the Healthy Empowered and Resilient Teens (HEaRT) program in the midst of provincial funding cuts.

HEaRT, based on mental health promotion and early intervention practices in during and after-school settings, was lauded as an important program for youth.

“The HEaRT Program is the Mental Health Capacity Building project in Clearview Public Schools,” Checkel said. “Funding for these programs has been provided by grants from Alberta Health Services and Alberta Education, but with funding cuts on the horizon valuable programs like this are in danger of being discontinued due to lack of support.  We are advocating for this program to continue because of the valuable service it provides to students and families.”

Shared facilities

Clearview Public Schools recognized the need for a recreational facility in Stettler that could be shared with the schools, Town and County of Stettler. A meeting was held on December 19, 2013 with the stakeholders from Clearview and the issue was addressed. It was decided by the committee to create a vision and develop a plan prior to further meetings with potential partners.

Stettler fieldhouse

Clearview, Wm. E. Hay Composite High School (WEH) and the Stettler Minor Football Club (MFC) joined in 2007 – 2008 to develop a fieldhouse concept for the community. A fieldhouse would allow teams that hold and host events at the Stettler Complex fields to have washroom and change room facilities available to them apart from those offered at the school. The fieldhouse was already used by the Panthers, Cougars and Wildcats football teams and for other events.

Approximately $269,600 has been spent to date on the facilities.

The following donors have contributed:

Stettler Minor Football Club- $124,000 ($60,000 Community Facility Enhancement Grant, $40,000 Football Club, $24,000 Town of Stettler)

Clearview Public Schools-  $100,600

Wm. E. Hay-  $25,000

Wildcat Football Club-  $15,000

Encana- $4,000

Superfluity- $1,000

The Stettler Minor Football and Wildcat Football Club amounts encompass donations from community members and businesses.

At it’s January 16 meeting, the Clearview Board considered a proposal that the cost to complete the common areas in the fieldhouse be shared equally by three partners consisting of Clearview, the Stettler Minor Football Club and the Wildcat Football Club. Moving forward, estimates on the total cost to complete common areas and concession area will be developed.

Coronation trip proposal

The Board granted preliminary approval to Coronation School for a student trip to Ottawa and Montreal in April 2014. Coronation School is teaming up with Consort School for this SEVEC (Society for Educational Visits and Exchanges in Canada) trip.

Electronic diagnoses device

The Board decided to purchase two Automated External Defibrillator (AED) units for the division. One will go to Gus Wetter School and the other for Coronation School. A possible source of support for AEDs has been identified through a federally-funded program with the Heart and Stroke Foundation.


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