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Earlier in the fall, Associate Superintendent, Peter Neale and Russ McKay, Director of Maintenance met with school principals and conducted site visits to determine maintenance issues that need to be addressed.  Items were ranked in order of importance based on health and safety or operational issues.
Working with a total budget of $580,620, Trustees approved completing all the projects currently under way at their Board meeting on November 28 based on priority and dollars available.
For the 2013 – 2014 school year the Government reduced the Infrastructure Maintenance Renewal (IMR) grant by approximately $124,000 to $384,199. Available from previous years, was an additional $196,421.
Priority items to be completed:
Big Valley – finish junior high washrooms; seal gym roof.
Brownfield – replace north exterior door; replace light relay; gym floor and stage finish upkeep.
Coronation – immediately replace Hub Room A/C unit; repair interior walls and floors in CTA area; gym floor and stage finish upkeep.
Donalda – deep sand and refinish gym floor; boiler inspection and repairs.
Erskine – complete water system repairs; repair attic ventilation problems; gym floor and stage finish upkeep.
Gus Wetter – gym floor and stage finish upkeep; review flooring at main entrance.
Stettler Elementary – gym floor and stage finish upkeep; gym roof repairs; replace center divider in gym with center roll curtain.
Stettler Middle – gym floor and stage finish upkeep; CTS lab flooring replacement; repair and paint doors and frames (hallways); window replacement.
Wm. E. Hay – replace center divider in gym; gym floor and stage finish upkeep.
Performing Arts Center – replace five window units at main entrance; stage finish upkeep; lighting retrofit staff area.
Second priority items to be undertaken as resources permit:
Big Valley – deep sand gym floor and refinish.
Brownfield – replace kindergarten/playroom flooring.
Byemoor – replace concrete front sidewalk.
Donalda – replace worn carpets in five rooms with vinyl and replace entrance vinyl.
Gus Wetter – do a study on a shelter enclosure.
Stettler Elementary – upgrade ceiling tiles in grade 4/5 hallway; patch and repair classroom walls and door frames.
Stettler Middle – replace counter tops as needed; urinal replacements.
The Board also passed a motion to direct Administration to contact the Alberta Government and explore whether Clearview could use dollars remaining ($172,579) from the Wm. E. Hay modernization project.
The government is not in the practice of doing this, but Trustees thought it worth the effort especially for consideration of the Stettler Elementary Roof ($120,000).
Other major projects without funding at this time are the Erskine gym ceiling ($92,000) and the Coronation parking lot paving ($170,000), both of which are third priorities.

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