Clearview Public School meeting: Tweaking the budget

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Budget allocations were altered at the Clearview Board Meeting on May 14, 2013.
Principals are to be advised that individual school reserves can be spent to help retain staff.
The board also reaffirmed its commitment to full-time kindergarten programming at Stettler Elementary School and directed the administration to allocate financial support, looking first to use reserve funds.
• Supervision costs- Extra supervision is required because of the double-run busing schedule for Stettler Elementary School. The board instructed administration to move the costs related to this extra supervision from the elementary school budget to the transportation budget. Person in charge of transportation is currently evaluating an expanded service with a goal of eliminating the double-busing structure in the future.
• Network costs- Costs for network administration are centralized, yet there is still a need for immediate on-site IT support which has been covered off by individual school budgets. The board directed administration to move these costs into the central technology budget.  With the shift in financial responsibility, central office will work with the schools to determine how these on-site needs will be met.
• School resource officer- Costs of the school resource officer will be funded as a central expense rather than as a direct cost to Wm. E. Composite High School effective in the 2013/14 budget. The resource officer is funded 50 per cent by the school, 25 per cent by the County of Stettler and 25 per cent by the Town of Stettler. The RCMP provide the car and the costs of supplies and other resources.
“This move should solve a few problems that arise each year,” said John Bailey, Superintendent of Schools.
Central office will take over responsibility for coordinating the school resource officer with the other community partners, between RCMP detachment areas and among the schools.
• Expanded bus routes- Administration presented a report recommending that the busing service within Stettler be expanded to include both Emmerson Acres and the area north and east of West Stettler Park. The service will start in September 2013 and be reviewed in December 2013 to see if any further adjustments need to be made.
• Cooperative busing- Discussions have been ongoing between East Central Alberta Catholic Schools (ECACS) in the Stettler area and Clearview Public Schools to develop a shared busing model to rationalize routes and save both districts money.
Administration has been instructed to continue working towards a final agreement for the 2013-2014 school year based on the direction given to it by the board.

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