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Student enrollment increases
Clearview Public Schools has an overall increase in student enrolments this year after the school division finalized their September 30, 2013 student counts. The school saw a 12 student increase to projections done last spring and a 21 student increase over last year. This translates to a one per cent increase for the division.
The largest increase was in the pre-kindergarten programming, or Early Learning program.  Starting with a spring projection of 15 students based on last year’s enrolments, the division actually enrolled 39 students.  The school division’s Early Learning program is an educational program provided for those students with unique needs who require additional supports before beginning kindergarten.
Coronation School saw the largest increase in student enrolments, with a year-to-year increase of 21 students, or seven per cent.  These increases have been attributed to students from the nearby Consort community, located outside of the division, coming to Coronation School as a school of choice, and new businesses in the area that are bringing in new families.
The school division did not see the growth hoped for in the Stettler Outreach School, which originally projected 61 students, and instead largely maintained their enrolments from last year at 35 students.  Outreach enrolments typically continue to grow and increase throughout the year, and the school is optimistic that they will meet their projections by year end.

Tentative agreement reached
The respective negotiation committees for the Board of Trustees and the Alberta Teachers Association reached a tentative local agreement on a new contract that will be effective retroactively to September 1, 2012 and ends August 31, 2016.
Clearview Public School teachers already received a province-wide framework agreement, which will see a 1.34 per cent salary increase in 2014 and a two per cent increase in 2015.  The province has also committed to providing teachers with a one-time one per cent lump sum payment in 2015.
As part of the process, the provincial agreement included the commitment for the school division to provide an additional 0.5 per cent increase in total monetary compensation in years three and four of the contract.
The teachers are scheduled for a ratification vote on October 15, 2013, and the Board of Trustees will meet on October 17 to formally approve the agreement.  Clearview Public Schools has already finalized bargaining with their support staffing groups for the next several years.

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