Clearview facilities update highlights first-rate facilities

In a comprehensive facilities report, Associate Superintendent Peter Neale delivered positive news to trustees at the Mar. 20 board meeting.
Despite limited resources of time and funds, the Facilities Services Update for 2017-18 reveals Clearview has succeeded in keeping school facilities throughout the division well-maintained and effective for student learning.
In his report, Neale explained details on facility conditions, school capacity and utilization, net operating costs, infrastructure maintenance renewal (IMR) dollars spent, and work orders.
According to the Facilities Condition Index (FCI), the rating for Clearview facilities is very good, ranging from zero percent to 15 percent.
The FCI is the ratio of the cost to correct current and future (five year) deficiencies relative to current facility replacement values.
All Clearview schools with the exception of Donalda School are under the FCI of 15 percent with Donalda sitting right at 15 percent.
School utilization in Clearview schools ranges from 23 percent in Byemoor to 81 percent at Gus Wetter.
IMR dollars totalled $777,083 in 2016-17 and $1,218,745 is available to be spent in 2017-18.
Overall Clearview’s educational facilities are in good condition with no critical issues.

New app simplifies access to information
A new, easy to use phone application promises to enhance communication for parents, students and staff.
After a soft launch in March, Clearview expects the new app to be finalized for the entire school community by April.
Key features of the app include a one-stop spot to obtain detailed information, real-time updates to student busing in the mornings and afternoons, the ability to add calendar events directly to personal mobile devices and access to the latest district-wide school news all in one place.
Information will be up-to-date, customized to individual schools, news and events with quick access to phone numbers, website and staff information.

Stettler Trade Show
Trustees will be manning the Clearview booth at the 2018 Stettler Trade Show.
Confirming plans for the April 13-15 event, the board has decided to feature the new technology being utilized in Clearview schools.
Parents will have the opportunity to learn more about devices such as z-Space, a virtual reality technology for education and the C-Pen, a reader pen scanner for students with reading difficulties.
Information about the 2018-19 Start Right Playschool and Kindergarten programs will also be available.

Linda Stillinger
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