Clearview debates need for more consultation

Following two meetings to get feedback from the public regarding revised Clearview policies as well as the new provincial guidelines for transgendered students, Clearview School Board trustees debated over how much further they should proceed with consultations with the public, students and staff.

All school boards are required to submit draft policies implementing the 2015 changes to the Alberta Bill of Rights, the Human Rights Act and the School Act by the end of March.

At the Mar. 17 meeting, the board discussed whether to proceed with more consultations regarding the guidelines or to await a response from Alberta Education once the updated policies have been submitted.

“We’re finding out through the consultation process we’re getting a lot of push back from our communities,” stated Trustee Ken Checkel, “They don’t understand how it would work and the way that the guidelines seem to say it would work they’re against, they don’t want it to work that way. There’s no question about it.”

Checkel requested that the board motion to have a representative from Alberta Education meet with the board to answer questions the board has about the guidelines.

“We have some serious concerns and questions about this thing.”

Trustee Yvette Cassidy questioned the need to go much further with consultation with students and staff if the board ultimately decides not to implement the guidelines.

“I think that we’re doing a great job. This one-size fits all approach that he [Minister Eggen] is using is totally ridiculous. There are some things that we have to do to be compliant with legislation but for the rest of it, I think we’re doing fine and I don’t think we should change anything.”

The board passed two motions. The first, to send the draft policy that details Clearview’s compliance with the legislation, and the second to request a representative from Alberta Education meet with the board to discuss the guidelines in detail.

Bus purchase approved
Clearview’s wishlist for purchasing five new buses became a reality when the bid from Bus Centre came in low enough to afford all five, rather than the four the board thought they might have to settle for.

Three 46 passenger and two 70 passenger buses came in at $506,579. That includes the price for under floor storage in the two larger buses.

The board approved the purchase of the five buses from Bus Centre.

W. E. Hay classrooms get makeover
Tremmel Construction was awarded the project to renovate six classrooms at W. E. Hay into three larger, open space classrooms. Dividers will allow the rooms to be used as either two smaller or one larger room.

The bids, excluding tax, ranged from $73,424 to $134,705, Tremmel’s being the least. With net tax included, the total approved by the board was $74,599.09.

The rooms are expected to be completed by June 2016.

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