Clearview Board approves infrastructure spending

Associate Superintendent Neale reviewed 2016-17 expenditures for Infrastructure Maintenance Renewal (IMR) and Clearview’s plans for 2017-18 at the Jan. 18 regular board meeting.
IMR projects are facility-related projects supported directly by the Alberta Government.
School divisions may use IMR funding to ensure school facilities meet all regulatory requirements, replace building components that have failed, prolong the life of facilities, improve energy conservation and efficiency, and upgrade educational areas to meet program requirements or the requirements of students with special education needs.
A school division’s first priority must be to ensure that health, safety and essential upgrading needs are met and should set aside a contingency amount to address emergency projects.
According to Neale’s report, the resources available for 2017-18 IMR spending are $1,218,745 , including carry forward balances of $283,083 from 2016-17.
Clearview projects planned for 2017-18 include renovations to accommodate child care spaces in Stettler, a roofing project at Botha, makerspace renovations and $150,000 approved to support the remediation of the Stettler running track to restore it to approved operating condition.

Additional dollars allocated
Part of the $403,159 identified during the 2017-18 Fall Budget process to be made available for learning and/or infrastructure needs has been earmarked for spending in 2017-18.
Stettler Elementary will receive $50,400 for a full time teacher to support the needs for full-day kindergarten.
This one-time staff increase will be for the second half of 2017-18 school year.
Byemoor School will receive $26,199 to address staff transitions.
Fifty per cent of the remaining $326,560 will be allocated to schools on a percentage of grants approach.
Schools will need to spend the allocated dollars before the end of August 31, 2018.
The remaining $163,280 will be kept for further needs later in the year.

Five new teachers
Clearview welcomed five new teachers to the division at an induction ceremony held on Dec. 15, 2017 at the Stettler Performing Arts Centre.
The new inductees were Emily Breum (Suncrest Colony), Brandon Brown (Donalda School), Lindsay Gammie (Big Valley School), Nicola Starling (Wm. E. Hay Stettler Secondary School) and Claire Stewart (Big Valley School).

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