Clean-up ongoing for Stettler water due to diesel spill from traffic accident

A rollover of a semi-truck and trailer combination on Hwy 21 approximately one mile south of Hwy 11 near Content Bridge.  According to a recent RCMP press release Stettler RCMP and Stettler Regional Fire Department responded to the incident at approximately 3:30 p.m. on June 9, 2016.

The investigation is on-going as to the cause of the semi leaving the road on a curve as it was travelling north.

The truck turned on its side in a small creek, along with the lead trailer.

The second trailer became detached and over turned into the creek.

The driver of the semi-truck suffered minor injuries and was transported to Red Deer Regional Hospital by Stettler EMS.

The truck and trailer combination was carrying diesel fuel and an unknown quantity of fuel spilled into the creek.

The creek eventually flows into the Red Deer River.

Notifications were made to Stettler Emergency Management Services, Alberta Transportation’s Dangerous Goods, Stettler Water Treatment Facility, Alberta Environment and Parks, Alberta Emergency Management and Alberta One Call.

First responders limited the flow of fuel from the trailers and the flow of water down the creek was curtailed by the use of booms and a berm was used to block off the creek.

The remaining fuel in the tank was subsequently removed.

The Town of Stettler Water Treatment Plant has switched over to storage pond water which has approximately a ten day supply to service its area.
It is not anticipated regular water treatment will be affected for any long term duration.

The clean-up is intended to continue into June 10 and an assessment will be made on water quality in the Red Deer River. Alberta Dangerous Goods personnel and Alberta Environment and Parks will be working with Emergency Crews with containment and recovery operations.

Traffic in the area was restricted along Hwy 21 to one lane in alternating directions. Traffic continues to flow with limited delays.

Stettler first responders would like to thank the River Creek RV Park owners/operators for their cooperation in allowing the use of their property and assistance provided to first responders.

A further update will be provided when available. The cause of the collision is still under investigation.

Theft of diesel 
On Wed., June 8, 2016, Coronation RCMP responded to a report of theft of diesel fuel from a dump truck parked at the Castor Rec. Area and Campground.

The investigation revealed that a black pickup truck hauling a white Conquest holiday trailer and a white Cadillac sedan were involved in the theft.

Both suspects are believed to be Caucasian males in their mid-20s to 30 years old, and both small were of small stature.

 Priority Crimes Task Force execute search warrant in Delburne
RCMP have seized a number of stolen firearms after executing a search warrant at two trailers in the Barking Fox Campground in Delburne.

Three Hills RCMP and the Priority Crimes Task Force launched an investigation in early May after RCMP received intelligence about stolen firearms.

The search warrants were executed at 9:30 a.m. this morning with the assistance of Police Dog Services, K Division’s Emergency Response Team.

A man and a woman were taken into custody.

The RCMP continue to investigate and once there is an update available, more information will be provided. Names will not be released until charges have been sworn before the courts.

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