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Morrin council

Approximately 100 ton of used asphalt off Railway Ave. and stockpiled on town property for filling potholes, according to Coun. David Macleod, will be used instead to build the grade up on the town property where it is stockpiled and the remainder moved out of sight, at the request of David Benci, public works supervisor at the July 20 village council meeting.

According to Macleod, “it was all or none”, when Benci commented that there was “50 years worth of stuff there” if it was used just for potholes.  Benci explained to council that cold mix purchased from Starland County, which he used this year for filling potholes, lasts longer and works better.  The old asphalt tends to get pushed out easily.

Council approved the placement of troughing for approximately $100 in an area on a residential street that is slow to drain.

“It needs to because it’s always flooding,” said Mayor Lacher.

Council agreed to spending approximately $245 as Benci said he is finding what looks to be rust in the transmission fluid.

He also noted to councillors that he will be asking for the village to purchase a skilsaw and ladder as he is presently using his own.

When asked by council, Benci noted that public works was daily stopping by the recycle bins flattening boxes in the cardboard recycle bin as it was filling up too fast with boxes not flattened.
“Looks like it’s going to be a full time job [flattening boxes],” said Benci as people were throwing in boxes, some crushing them, others not, but either way flattened boxes take up less space.

Mayor Lacher reported her attendance at the Drumheller Waste Association meeting and the fact that it was costing the association to ship plastic recyclables as plastic price is down.


Delegations attending the meeting included Peggie Ginger of Out of the Cold, a companion animal rescue, hired by the village for small animal control reported to council that she had rescued one unlicensed dog at the school and she’s making efforts to catch an injured black stray cat but someone has stolen her trap. According to CAO Annette Plachner, cost for this service “vary depending on the situation with the animal”.

“I can do my job without a trap,” said Allison Fotheringham however, council will see if the village skunk trap would work for cats.

Joyce Webster, publisher of the ECA Review also addressed council regarding a letter from the village lawyers on accuracy of reporting.  The first time the ECA Review knew of any alleged errors was when they received the letter from the lawyer.  She explained to council the role of a newspaper coverage of council meetings and the ‘he said, she said’ issues would be solved by permitting the media to record the meetings. She stated she was confident the reporting had been accurate.


Mayor Lacher reported they had a new chief administrative officer (CAO), Jennifer Krystoff of the Drumheller and District Seniors Foundation. The Foundation is a management body to manage affordable housing accommodation for senior citizens and the elderly disabled who live in various lodges, villas and cottages and housing units for low to moderate income individuals.

The foundation’s budget is covered by requisitions to the town of Drumheller, Starland County and the villages of Delia, Munson and Morrin based on an equalization formula.

Following a 35 minute in-camera to discuss two items, one personnel and one legal, Mayor Lacher reported that CAO Plachner’s “grandson is now registered in daycare in Drumheller”. This statement was made regarding one of the accusations raised by Howard Helton in the April 20 meeting (Apr. 28, pg. 3) that included the babysitting occurring in the office during business hours.

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