Choosing our next representative

It is decision time in East Central Alberta again.

The members in this constituency must nominate someone to run in this fall’s election for the Conservative Party of Canada.

This will be an important decision for the party members as whoever is chosen will almost certainly be elected as our next MP.

We in the Battle River-Crowfoot constituency have been blessed for the past 19 years with a strong effective Member of Parliament (MP).

As he has announced that he will not be seeking re-election we are now in the process of choosing someone to replace him.

Kevin Sorenson was raised in the area that he represented and he understood the people, their needs and aspirations.

He was able to identify with the people that he represented.

The proof of that was in receiving the highest percentage of votes of any MP out of the 338 ridings in Canada for the past two elections.

Sorenson announced some time ago that it was time for someone else to take on the responsibility of MP for our constituency.

An election committee was chosen by the board to put a nomination process into place for choosing a candidate.

As a result of this process, three people have submitted their names and are actively campaigning for the nomination.

Voting will take place in eight locations between July 14 and 17.

The final vote and counting of the ballots will take place in the evening of July 17 in Camrose.

I think it is important for every Conservative member of this constituency to familiarize themselves with the pros and cons of each contestant.

As a member, you have a responsibility to come out and vote for the person of your choice.

I would suggest that in deciding whom you should vote for that you use our current MP as a role model.

He is leaving large shoes to fill.

My advice to Conservative members of Battle River-Crowfoot is to check the credentials of each candidate and vote for the person that you feel would make the best long term member of parliament for our constituency.


by Herman Schwenk

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