Chicken Little theory

Dear Editor,
It hasn’t taken Jason Kenny and the old P.C. party, in my opinion, to alleviate Wildrose policy from their platform.
The ‘U’ should be removed from the UCP conservatives.
Alberta’s conservatives are anything but united.
People who fell into the “chicken little theory” where the sky will fall if Wildrose members did not join the UCP to defeat the NDP, soon realized the UCP were going back to the old PC Party ideals and they had been led down the garden path.
The Wildrose Party was called “radical” by some individuals.
You bet we were radicals.
Unlike the Alberta Conservative Government, we believed in government accountability, honesty and integrity including MLAs who could be recalled if their constituents were not satisfied with their performance.
The Alberta Government in control before the 2015 election had been in power for so long they were confident Albertans would accept what was happening without question.
They did not recognize the anger brewing in the province.
Expenditures of government boards were out of control.
The Alberta Financial Services Corporation (AFSC) was a prime example.
Their entertainment budget was staggering; limousin rides to parties and hockey games, luxury box seats for Oilers hockey games… the list was endless.
No one in government did anything to control the lavish spending. No one was accountable.
There are MLA’s of this government seeking re-election in the 2019 election.
Jason Kenny’s ‘strong and free’ leaves me wondering just what it represents, free to do what? Run a government free from all control?
These words are meaningless without explanations.
Free to do whatever they desire whether their policies are good for Albertans or not. Strong for what?
Every vote in the Legislature counts.
In B.C., Premier Horgan’s government stays in power and remains there by three Green Party MLA’s.
Conservative government in Alberta lost the 2015 election with a staggering defeat. Albertans were tired of the dishonesty.
Tired of Bills 19, 24, 36, and 50 that removed Albertans property rights to the point you could not even take the Government to court to fight for your rights.
The Conservative government was on a run away and Albertans finally said enough! Why would anyone who believes in Alberta’s future vote this party back into power?
Albertans will have both a federal and provincial election in 2019.
Take time to vote and ‘think for yourself’.
Don’t let anyone panic you like sheep in a pasture when someone cries wolf.
This wolf might be just around the corner disguised as a shepherd.
May the year 2019 be a banner year for you and your family with the good Lord’s richest blessing.

Margaret Krugstad
Metiskow, Ab.

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