Chase Brown announces Alberta Party candidacy

Chase Brown of Hussar, Ab. has entered the political race under the Alberta Party against incumbent MLA Nathan Cooper for the Olds-Didsbury-Three Hills riding.

Brown is in his fourth year attending the University of Alberta at the Augustana Campus in Camrose and is about to obtain a Bachelor of Management with a Major in Economics.

He will be completing his schooling later this year.

Although a full time student, Brown holds residency in the Wintering Hills north of Hussar and is proud to be a 4th generation rancher in Alberta.

“I’m a community guy and I am passionate about my community and I’m dedicated to staying in my community as I progress through my career in life,” said Brown. “I’m not planning on extraditing myself down east or anywhere for work. I’m planning on staying right here at home.”

He chose the Alberta Party after assessment of the political climate as well as reflecting on established values including transparency and fiscal responsibility.

“Officially we are a centrist party. What that translates to is we are both socially and fiscally responsible so we understand and recognize that the current government has a spending problem but we don’t believe that cutting funding for our social programs is going to grow our economy. A lot of these budget cuts and slashes that other parties are proposing I am not attracted to and I would personally draw on the Alberta Party because of their dedication to transparency,” said Brown.

During his time at university, Brown alongside Camrose Lawyer Steven Hansen and Kevin Smook, Camrose riding Alberta Party representative, established the Alberta Party Constituency Association which was purely volunteer based.

They first started with 40 members which quickly increased to 340 members.

“We were able to grow that in under a year and we had a wonderful nomination contest between Stephen and Kevin and it was really just a wonderful experience seeing democracy carried out and Albertans having their say and seeing everybody getting involved – the momentum that we started to grow,” he said.

Stephen Mandell, the Alberta Party Leader and former mayor of Edmonton, recommended Brown become the candidate for the Olds-Didsbury-Three Hills constituency.

With the Alberta Party, Brown claims there is ‘no strings attached’ as they put Albertans first.

“We are here to win. We are not here to be the runner up. It’s too much to be in it for fun and games. We are here to win and we are committed to running a full fleet of 87 candidates in 87 constituencies.”

Brown encourages anyone with questions or comments to email him at

Terri Huxley
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