Changing the wrong climate

Boy! Is the Liberal Government ever getting creative.

It is not a carbon tax – it is a fuel and excess emissions charge.

Do they think the public will feel any better about the government fleecing their pockets by giving the tax a more benign description?

I think governments and environmentalists are getting somewhat desperate.

The public does not seem to be buying into the need for this carbon tax the way they were expecting.

Some of the public is beginning to catch on that C02 is an odourless gas that is necessary for plant growth. In fact, the planet would die without it.

Both Justin and Rachel have decided that the solution to this problem is to perpetuate the lie that it is pollution.

Neither of them, when discussing climate change, will mention C02, they just talk about reducing pollution. What really gets my dander up is the fact that the politicians of all stripes talk about emission reduction strategies.

They don’t like the tax but they have other solutions to reduce emissions.

A good example is Saskatchewan and now Ontario that are taking the Federal government to court over the carbon tax.

They do, however, have a climate change plan to reduce emissions. I just don’t understand why in the world can’t they just screw up their courage, be honest with everyone and simply state that C02 is NOT the driver of climate change.

If they had the courage of their convictions they would engage the services of real meteorological and geological scientists and prove in court that climate change is natural and is caused by solar activity.

Any plan that involves C02 emission reduction strategies will not change the climate. It is just a waste of resources to con the public.

The real purpose of a carbon tax is to enhance government revenue.

They know that it will not change the climate but they think they can con the public into thinking that this will save the planet.

The Federal Liberals and the Alberta NDP are progressive governments.

A major objective of progressive governments is wealth redistribution.

The carbon tax is an ideal vehicle to accomplish that.

I am sure that you are aware that both these governments have come up with a plan to rebate some of the tax.

This is just a con game to buy your votes with your own money.

Both of these governments have racked up massive deficits.

Trudeau has been running a deficit of somewhere around $19 Billion since he was elected and Notley has been running a deficit of somewhere between $8 and $10 billion and that is a record for a provincial government.

Neither government understands how to manage money.

They think the source of revenue is in the pockets of the taxpayer.

The idea of wealth creation to grow the economy and increase government revenue seems to be completely foreign to them.

When the Trudeau government was elected there were three pipeline projects being proposed and in various stages of development.

He has effectively killed all three of them.

He even spent $4.5 Billion of our money to buy one instead of making sure that Kinder Morgan could continue construction of the Trans Mountain project.

If those three pipelines were under construction today, Canada’s economy would be booming.

The climate they could change is our financial climate. We really can’t do anything about the weather.

They try scaremongering us by talking about catastrophic climate change.

We can’t change the climate but we could do something about our catastrophic financial climate.

Governments all over the world are wasting billions to solve a problem that doesn’t exist.

Real science has proven that C02 is not the cause of climate change.


by Herman Schwenk

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