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Justin Trudeau has been expressing some of the same dictatorial tendencies of his father. Pierre Trudeau was a communist sympathizer and he authorized several arbitrary policy changes to this country without the direct approval of the people, that have fundamentally changed this country.

He introduced the metric system, implemented the bilingual  policy which has cost us billions of dollars and multiculturalism. On his last term he repatriated the constitution from England.

That in itself would not have been so bad but he took the opportunity to have a “Charter of Rights and Freedoms” inserted into the constitution at the same time.

This charter has changed this country from what it was and not for the better. The Supreme Court judges have used this charter to make and change laws contrary to what was passed by Legislation.

Justin was once asked what was his preferred system of government. His answer was the one in China because you could make quicker changes.

As a result of the Duffy senate scandal he personally removed the Liberal senators from his caucus in case some of them had also broke expense rules. Prior to the election he announced that if elected he would change the “First Past the Post” system for electing MPs, that has been in use since confederation.

After being elected with a majority in the election, his first Throne Speech promised that the 2015 election would be the last election to use the current system. This would be a major change that I will go into more detail later.

He obviously does not believe that the people should have the right to make this choice as he has refused to hold a referendum on the issue. Without a referendum “he” would make the choice because his majority caucus would be forced to vote the way they were told.

There are two options that could be used if you were to eliminate the first past the post system that is now in use.  Number one is the preferential ballot and the other one is proportional representation.

With the latter system each party would receive MPs based on the percentage of the vote that the party got in the election.

I don’t know exactly how this works but I think you would be voting for the party rather than an individual, as many of the MPs would be appointed to fill the percentage of the vote that the party got. I do know that many of the MPs would be just representing the party and not constituents.

With a preferential ballot you would be ranking your choices. This system would have unintended consequences as a small number of second choice ballots could change the result from the person who got the most number one votes.

It was the preferential ballot that resulted in Ed Stelmach  and Allison Redford becoming PC leaders and you know how that worked out.

We cannot let Justin Trudeau use dictatorial power to decide what system we will use to elect our MPs. This is an issue where the people need to make the decision with approval by a national majority referendum.

For the most part we have a three party system in Canada that would almost certainly guarantee a minority government after each election with the progressive parties forming a coalition to govern. By using a preferential ballot the liberals would likely win every future federal election as the progressive parties would give each other the second choice on the ballot.

I think Justin Trudeau would go for this system as it would leave him in power as an elected dictator for about the next 30 years. If he gets his way it will be the end of  democracy as we have known it in this country.

This man is dangerous to our future.

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