Changes made to meeting time, seating arrangement

Two changes were made during the organizational meeting of the Village of Morrin on Wed. Oct 16 with time of meetings starting at 7 p.m. instead of 7:30 p.m. and the seating arrangement in council chambers.

The person chairing the meeting, in this case the mayor, will be positioned in the rightful position at the front of the room.

This will permit the chairperson the visual of all the councillors, administration, delegations and any public members in attendance.

Mayor Howard Helton and Deputy Mayor M’Liss Edwards remain in their positions.

Mayor Helton serves on the Drumheller Solid Waste Association, Starland Family and Community Support Services (FCSS) Board,

Drumheller Community Futures, and the Starland/Morrin Planning committee.

Dep. Mayor Edwards remains on the Drumheller District Foundation, Morrin Fire Dept., Starland/Morrin/Munson Water Authority and the Starland Are Protection Committee. Coun. Melissa Wilton will continue to sit on the Palliser Regional Municipal Planning, Morrin Municipal Library Board, Morrin Sportsplex Ag Society and the Starland/Morrin Planning committee.

Library Board members appointed included Darcy Graham, chair; Dave MacLeod, secretary; Suzanne Lacher, treasurer; Marigold representative, Karen Neill; Nora Taylor and Christine Wolf.

SeaCan survey

A motion was passed for Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) Annette Plachner to look into guidance from Palliser Regional Planning as to suggestions for requirements and wording needed to be changed in the Land Use Bylaw should the village decide to allow SeaCans in residential areas.

Survey results

from the SeaCan questionnaire sent out to 106 residents saw 29 residents (18 per cent) in favour of SeaCans in residential areas and 15 opposed (14 per cent).

Public Works report

Public Works foreman, David Benci provided a written report stating that trees had all been trimmed in the village and noted that there are 30 ash trees and 10 poplar for replacement.

He reported that 101 2nd Ave. S. wants two Ash trees while those along 103 – 2nd Ave. S. do not want trees but Benci noted he had planted two spruce trees along the avenue.

Concern was raised over the cutting down of trees on town property.

CAO Plachner asked if council wanted the stumps removed throughout the village.

“I gave you the name of the carver to see what we could come up with first,” said Helton.

Plachner will follow up with getting costs for possibly carving some of the stumps into artwork as another attraction for the town.

Nineteen curbs have been painted and plants have been ordered for 2020.

Mayor Helton pointed out the incorrect information in the report stating the installation of wells for CC values was at the request of Mayor Helton when it was actually a motion made by council.

The report noted that the direction given by council to camera the sewer line at the Virgina Howard residence is still not resolved due to timing conflicts.

Council asked at their August meeting that confirmation was needed from their plumber to determine how much of the bill was the responsibility of the village and how much was the responsibility of the resident.

Benci reported problems cropped up on Main Street during the sewer flush on Oct. 16.

Space between Railway Avenue to 1st St. could not be flushed.

Benci noted the line has been getting worse since 2007.

Council approved a motion to Benci’s recommendation that a cutter is run through to clean the pipe at an estimated cost of $2,000, according to CAO Plachner, on the understanding that the cutter could become stuck or the line could be damaged and it would necessitate digging up and repairing the line.

Benci also said in his report that even if the cutter is successful, preparedness for replacing infrastructure should be considered.

“We should get a quote to see how much it would cost to do that street,” said Plachner.

“Probably should have been done the last time,” said Mayor Helton.

“We’ll have to try it [the cutter] as long as it doesn’t break up the line but I guess if it does, it does.”

Safety issue raised

Under council concerns, Coun. Wilton raised the issue of kids playing on and near the Starland County lagoon at the north end of the village.

“It scares me badly,” said Wilton. “A lot of concerns brought up to me about the kids in town on it. Right now it has ice starting on it.”

“It’s very very deep and there is no way they would be getting out. They need to fence it.”

CAO Plachner agreeing to contact the County saying, “They could just slide into there”.


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