Change is constant

Dear Editor,

Yes, there are folks who don’t want to change.

Change can cause stress, and many folks don’t like to deal with stressful situations. But change forces us to re-think (to think “outside the box”).

For example, the Catholic Church opposed for centuries the “theory” that the sun was the centre of the universe.

The Industrial Revolution of the 17th century ushered in a massive change in the way society operated but many people were opposed to it.

They were called Luddites.

Today, we have folks who want to keep things as they are but that is not reality.

Change is constant.

Where water was once the main source of power for many things, it was replaced by coal (steam power).

The horse and buggy was replaced by the automobile. It’s just a passing fancy; horsepower will always be king.

The assembly line ushered in a new way of producing products.

Planes and aircraft carriers would “never” replace battleships.

Tanks and mechanized equipment would never replace the cavalry.

Hard currency (paper money and cheques) would not be replaced by credit cards and online banking.

Books and the news media would not be replaced by the digital age (computers, cell phones, social media, etc).

We can choose to change with the times, or we can choose to become modern-day Luddites.

“Time waits for no man.”


George Thatcher

Trochu, Alta.

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