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Dear Editor,

It is fine to talk on about “property rights”, PrairieView, Mar. 21, 2019, titled, Has happened before, however, keep talking about property rights for all Alberta if you are concerned about provincial and government control and regulations.

The same regulations apply to all title land in Alberta.

As far as the “smear campaign”; it has been brought into reality by Rick Strankman and is totally self-inflicted.

His actions, through words from the verbatim exchange between Municipal Affairs Minister Shayne Anderson on April 12, 2016, in a Legislative Committee, are recorded in Hansard of Alberta.

Strankman, in my opinion, obviously shows no respect for or acknowledgement that our democratically-elected Special Areas councillors and elected board members even exists, as he presses the Minister with comments and questions.

After reading those transcripts, it can be concluded, in my opinion, that MLA Strankman is working against the Special Areas Administration by attempting to undermine it. That undermining of the Special Areas by the MLA, in my opinion, must stop.

Furthermore, it is the people of the Special Areas, working with their elected council and board members, who decide how the affairs of the Special Areas are handled.

Similarly, I do not meddle in the affairs of Paintearth or Stettler County affairs because I don’t live there.

Conversely, I would politely ask people not to meddle in Special Areas affairs if they do not live here.

If an MLA cannot and will not work with and support all municipal forms of government that the present and acceptable to the people of that Riding, then that non-supportive MLA will not be a satisfactory representative for the Riding.

This is our situation in Stettler-Drumheller.

We need a change. The change is available at the election polls.


Doug Fawcett

Consort, Ab.

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