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This week Justin Trudeau has made Canada look like the wimp in the coalition of nations that are fighting ISIS over in Syria and Iraq by officially withdrawing six CF-18 jets from that war as of Feb. 22, 2016.  Numerous times he has been asked why he does not want Canada to participate in that air war but he has never given a reason other than he made a promise prior to the election. After the terrorist disasters in Paris, San Bernadino and several other places since he made the original promise it is becoming obvious that his decision does not make sense at this time.

While the other coalition nations have diplomatically accepted Canada’s decision to change it’s role in that war, it is not difficult to see that a number of them are not happy with the decision.  The US in particular tried to convince Trudeau that the pilots of our jets were the most skilled at hitting the targets out of all the planes that were participating in that air war so they will be missed.  I heard one journalist on TV the other day describe Canada’s new mission as a “no combat mission made to look like a combat mission”. It seems that Justin Trudeau does not want Canada to participate in war activity that would actually deliberately kill people. He seems to think that you can negotiate with those ruthless terrorists.

His decision to pull the CF-18 jets out of the ISIS war is just one of a number of pre-election promises he made that defy common sense. The Tax Free Savings Account [TFSA] is a savings program that the Conservatives implemented to assist people to save for retirement. That is a popular program. When implemented you could put $5,500 of after-tax money into the account per year. The interest earned on that account was not taxable. Last year the maximum that a person could deposit in the account was increased to $10,000.  The Liberals said it was a program designed to benefit the rich and have subsequently reduced the maximum deposit to $5,500.

Another promise he made was to reduce income taxes to the middle class. The rate was reduced from 22 per cent to 20.5 per cent for people earning between $44,000 and $89,000 a year. They are also introducing a new income tax bracket on those earning more than $200,000 a year of 33 per cent. This is supposed to offset the middle class benefit, however the parliamentary budget officer is estimating that there will be an 8.9 to 10 billion dollar short fall on this tax change.

The Trudeau Liberals are determined to repeal as many Conservative programs and polices as possible just to differentiate themselves as far as possible from the Conservatives and Stephen Harper.  The fact that these policy reversals will cost the Canadian taxpayers billions of dollars does not seem to matter to them. If it has Stephen Harper’s stamp on it, then it has to be changed.

By the time of the next election I think Canada’s financial situation will resemble a Third World country and we will have lost most of our influence on the world stage. Trudeau’s objective is to have Canada become more involved with the United Nations and peacekeeping. Well you can’t keep peace when there is no peace to keep and as far as involvement with the UN, in my opinion, it is a useless organization. The majority of the UN membership is made up of left wing dictatorships that detest democracy. Is that why Trudeau likes the UN?  Canada was viewed as a world leader and for the most part fiscally responsible with Stephen Harper as leader. I think those days will soon be gone.

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