Cat bylaw gets second reading

Clive council gave its cat bylaw second reading at its regular meeting on July 18.

Coun. Luci Henry said community feedback shows that the majority of Clive residents are in favour of a cat bylaw but added “it wasn’t overwhelming.”

Second reading passed in a split 3 – 2 vote.  Councillors Marvin Wieler and Bev Krochak voted against second reading. Mayor Anita Gillard and Councillors Dan Graden and Luci Henry voted in favour of second reading.

“No” to street dance

Clive council denied Clive Hotel’s request to block a street Aug. 13 for a second street dance this summer.

Mayor Anita Gillard said she was “struggling” with approving the road blockage.  She said it was supposed to be a family dance and not a beer garden.

Likewise Coun. Marvin Wieler said he too was struggling with approving a second street dance.
Coun. Luci Henri suggested council could approve it if the event doesn’t conflict with any other scheduled events, they coordinate with the fire department for access to the area and remind the hotel that liquor must be kept inside and the music has to be turned down.

The motion to approve the road blockage was defeated in a split 3 – 2 vote. Mayor Anita Gillard, Councillors Marvin Wieler and Bev Krochak voted against the motion. Councillors Luci Henry and Dan Graden voted in favour.

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