Castor violin recital and hootenanny impressed audience

Tegan Younger performs for residents of the Castor Long-Term Care facility on Sat. June 15. ECA Review/Submitted

Castor violin students hosted a recital and hootenanny at Castor Long- Term Care on Sat. June 15, 2019

To honour Castor prairie-pioneer heritage, violin teacher Carol Ries opened the recital with Old-Time Barn- Dance polka favourite “Soldier’s Joy.”

Then it was time for the budding violinists to pick up their bows accompanied by Ries on piano.

Jessica Boizard played lively toe-tapping “The Cowboy” and a lovely classical melody “Andante in C Major Op. 22 No.1” by Edward Elgar.

Chantel Green played favourite folk songs like “Mary Had a Little Lamb,” “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star” and famous fiddle tune “Bile ‘em Cabbage Down.”

Tegan Younger played Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony “Ode to Joy” theme, French lullaby “Playing Ball on the Stairs” and Royal Conservatory of Music repertoire “Pony Trot.”

A rousing sing-a-long fiddle-and spoons “She’ll Be Comin’ ‘Round the Mountain”, complete with “yee-haws”, rounded out the “hootenanny” component of the event.

Ries also teaches violin in Stettler, Alta. where her students are showing great promise.

Her students Laia Chesla and Kristine Chesla have been nominated for an award for a duet they performed at the Stettler Music Festival and Laura Hebbes who travelled with her violin to Hawaii with the Stettler Senior Band.

Students are experiencing many exciting opportunities through music, the universal language that unites us all!



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