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Gas and Water comparison
The gas and water balance reconciliation comparison was reviewed and CAO Sandi Jackson noted that concerning gas, the Town was in “Really good shape.”
“Our losses are down,” Jackson said, “Last year this time had losses of 2096 gigajules, and [this year] we’re only at 1248 gigajules.”  She also noted that loss percentage was at 1.84 per cent, which she noted was desirable as two per cent was an ‘acceptable loss’ amount.
Concerning the water balance system, it was noted that losses were slightly more this year than last year.
Public Works Foreman Stan Boetcher noted that there was some discussion about getting a leak detector in the summer time to pinpoint possible pipeline issues as a preventative measure. It was discussed that even a tiny pen tip-sized leak could be a large amount of water loss when calculated on a yearly cycle.
“It’s thousands and thousands of gallons… if you were to stick half [a] pen through the hole, that running steady for 24 hours per day, 365 days per year, [the loss] is phenomenal,” he said.
It was discussed that it might be worthy to budget specifically for some testing in future.

Recreation report
It was discussed that hockey school was very well attended.
Up for consideration was a charge for ball diamonds for senior leagues/tournament days as it was noted that the associated costs were out of pocket for the rec board. At present the rec board was not charging for use.
In memoriam for Sean Thieleman, crests were being made to put on the shoulders of the minor hockey jerseys.
Campground rates were noted to stay at 25 dollars. Some discussion of raising it to 30 was considered, but ultimately it was decided for the time being to keep costs at 25.

Golf Course
Mayor Gary DeVloo attended the Castor Golf Course AGM. He said he was pleased with the course’s progress, and said the course is endeavouring to pay off the amount owed to the town by having a fundraiser and making an effort to collect cart rental fees and other owed amounts. DeVloo noted that the course has requested  to remove the service to the utility building, thus requiring some hydrovacing to access areas around the building. This would take around one hour of Town time to hydrovac.
DeVloo also noted that he was pleased with the progress of the course concerning it’s financial situation, and he mentioned that the course “Would like to go into 2014 with a clean slate.”
“I think they’ve had a really good year,” he noted.
Motion to provide the hydrovacing was carried.
At the end of the meeting, sentiments of good luck and farewell gestures were exchanged amongst the council.
“I believe that we share a common goal to make the town a better place,” said Mayor Devloo at the end of the evening, “Thank you and good luck to everyone.”

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