Castor town council approved the reimbursement of volunteer coaches for training costs

Written by Cheryl Bowman

Castor town council approved the reimbursement of volunteer coaches for costs associated with training during the meeting on Mon. Feb. 13.

Council heard volunteer coaches working with recreation programs are required by associations to be qualified and maintain a certain level of certification depending on the level of sport they’re coaching.

Council also heard sometimes courses may be offered in town but some are more often held elsewhere requiring the volunteers to travel for the training.

Before the approval of the reimbursement the Town already covered the cost of the course however there was no set procedure for the reimbursement of the other expenses.

For the reimbursement of other expenses associated with the mandatory training, a form was created by the Castor Recreation Board for coaches to fill out in order to certify and claim the expenses of the travel for reimbursement.

“Is this all our expense,” asked Coun. Cecil Yates.

Turns out expense for the reimbursement will be paid fully by the Town of Castor, said CAO Donna Rowland.

“Dollar and sense wise while it is considered a loss you can’t have a sport if you have no coaches so it is also a gain,” said Rowland.

The reimbursement of volunteer coaches for the costs associated with the mandatory training was carried unanimously.

Pool fees

Prior to the pool opening for the 2023 season, the Castor Recreation Board looked at and considered the prices for the pool programming.

Council heard it was decided for the 2023 season there will be some changes in costs from 2022. During discussion council was in agreement with the established pool fees for the 2023 season.

“I think they are pretty reasonable,” said Coun. Don Sisson. The pool fees were unanimously approved.

Ice rental rates

Council looked at the rates recommended by the Castor Recreation Board for ice rentals.

Council heard for all in-house programming the Recreation Board recommended for council to approve the rate of $110 per hour in order to continue to close the gap between rental fees and the operational costs of the facility.

The ice rental rates were approved unanimously.

Coronation RCMP delegation

Coronation RCMP Sgt. John Pike came to the council meeting to discuss the data from October to December of 2022.

During the presentation, the only item that had a significant increase was traffic stops.

“The most important thing right now is crime reduction and the advance of road safety,” said Sgt. Pike.
Council approved to accept the report as information.

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