Castor still seeing water loses

The new beaver sits in at the entrance to Castor to greet visitors from Highway 12.
The art installation was commissioned by the Castor Community Enhancement Society (CCES) is six ft./1.8 m high and was made by Slavo Cech, a well know metallurgist in Edmonton and area.
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Castor still seeing water loses
The water and gas reconciliations to June 30  were presented to Castor town council at their regular meeting on July 27. The gas system is consistently holding its own. The water system still consistently sees losses, however, to date we have only half the losses of this time last year.

Spraying concerns
Council received a letter from a local resident voicing her concerns with the town’s current practice of weed control. The resident does not want any spraying done near her property but CAO Sandi Jackson says that the Town only sprays Municipal lands, including alleys and property owned by the town, with Roundup.

“The Town is careful not to spray when there is a wind and we never go onto private property unless authorized. We will continue to follow our spraying practice,”.

Council will be sending a letter outlining the above to the resident.

Ongoing radio repairs
The communications group is proceeding with the radio repairs. Councillor Nichols, C.A.O. Jackson and the fire chief met with members along highway 12 that use the Nose Hills tower. The analog repeater is not functioning properly and will need to be replaced. Options are being investigated and there will soon be another meeting to discuss the options.
C.A.O. Jackson said she received a call from Lakeland

Communications requesting payment for the changeover from digital to analogue as the technician feels he performed the job he quoted and should be paid for it.
The cost to change back to analog was just under $3,000.00.

“Once we are assured that the radios will work properly and once we receive our privacy codes, Council will review the invoice,” said Jackson.

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