Castor residents will see increase on 2013 tax bill

The 2013 mill rates for the Town of Castor have gone up.
The municipal residential and commercial tax for Castor only went up by one per cent in 2013.
Council said they received a significant increase in the Paintearth Lodge requisition and the school requisitions in 2013.  As a result, the Paintearth Lodge mill rate went up 37.30 per cent, the residential school mill rate went up 13.2 per cent and the commercial school mill rate went up 20 per cent.
“Taxpayers would have likely not noticed an increase in their taxes this year,” said Sandi Jackson, CAO of the Town of Castor. “But with the combined Paintearth Lodge and school mill rate increase, people will notice a change.”
Taxpayers will likely only see a big difference on their tax bill if their property assessment went up or down in 2013.
The Town of Castor does not set the rates for either the Paintearth Lodge or school requisitions.

Capital Projects

In 2013 the Town of Castor will work with a conservative budget of $3,976,286.  Money from this budget will go to several capital projects.
The town plans to move several water pumps to the water reservoir located off of Highway 12.  The current building where the water pumps are in is crumbling and isn’t fit to house the pumps any longer.
Several sidewalks are set to be replaced in 2013.
The town has also teamed up with Canada Post to clean up the area surrounding the post office.

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