Castor resident participates in International Scavenger Hunt-GISHWHES!

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Back left, Emerson Yanitski; back right, Lynn Sabo, front left Ella White, front right: Isaac Yanitski
After the chicken lady helped them across the road she started to dance with them!

Lynn Sabo of Castor participated in an eight day international scavenger hunt and fundraiser last week while the residents of Castor welcomed her shenanigans!

The scavenger hunt is called GISHWHES and it is an acronym for Greatest International Scavenger Hunt (the) World Has Ever Seen.

GISHWHES, according to Wikipedia, “is an annual week long competitive media scavenger hunt currently held in August. Actor Misha Collin (Supernatural –TV show) officially founded GISHWHES in 2011. This competition holds a world record for being the largest media scavenger hunt ever to take place, and several additional world records.”

Competitors enter in teams of 15 or a member can sign up and be assigned to a team. Not all team members are in the same area or even country for that matter.

Last year Lynn Sabo’s friend Dawn Marsh of Calgary put a post on Facebook asking if any of her friends wanted to participate and join her team.

It looked like fun so I did! This year I decided to do the same. I personally participated in nine of the 208 challenges this year, with my teammates completing many of the others,” says Sabo.

One of Sabo’s challenges had her attending the Museum of the regiments in Calgary while holding signs in front of tanks with two teammates. One sign read ‘Thank you for your service’ in English and French. The other sign said thank you in 13 plus languages.

Another challenge was to dress as a chicken and help people across the road at 50th Street and 50th Avenue in Castor; yet another had her dress as an alien to deliver flowers and puzzles to the senior residents at the Paintearth Lodge.

Sabo was required to gather with a friend and sheep to watch the sunset in the country.

She was dress up as Waldo and blend in with a Waldo book cover while asking the infamous question, ‘Where is Waldo?’

The most challenging for me was getting the sheep to cooperate for the sunset photo,” says Sabo while giggling; “but the most rewarding is a tie between the chicken challenge and the alien delivery to the seniors.”

Each year this contest has run they have a fund raising component whereby they raise funds for a pre-determined cause.

This year the goal was to raise funds to grant a wish to a Fiona Sargeant, a woman dying from inoperable cancer.

She lives in a township called Zolani in South Africa and runs a ballet school for poverty stricken children.

Sargeant teaches them “classical and contemporary ballet five days a week. She provides them with meals after their classes which may be the only food they receive,” reports the GISHWHES site.

They raised $257,069 in eight days! The funds will help keep the school running after she passes away and provide scholarships for the children to achieve their dreams.

Some of Sargeant’s students are dancing on scholarships in New York and London- living out their dream!

Sabo’s GISHWHES participation used her creative talents, compassion, and a desire to spread some cheer in Castor.

by Jamie Geddes

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