Castor Parade

Patrick Kelly, from OK Tire,
Castor drives a 1958 630
John Deere which belongs
to his father-in-law, Elliot
ECA Review/E.Wheller

Dale Emmett, driving a 1929 Dodge Brothers Victory 6 Roadster while dressed in period
clothing, throws candy during the Castor Parade on Aug 11. ECA Review/E.Wheller

Phil Dietz waves as he drives a Farmal, estimated to be a 1950 model, for the Castor Museum Society, in the Castor Parade on Aug 11. Dietz is accompanied by Tina Ensign and Wendy Bain, with Crystal Yang and Tammy Cooke from the Shangri-La following. ECA Review/E. Wheller


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