Castor Night Watch

Forty-six concerned citizens attended a meeting on Wed. July 26 called by Randy Kary, owner of the Castor Value Drug Mart, over concerns of Castor being targeted by thieves. Kary was looking for volunteers to take turns being on night watch. Kary gave two examples of thwarting thefts when he was patrolling the streets at three in the morning but he needs many people to step up, so volunteers do not burn out. ECA Review/ J.Webster


Castor like-minded individuals gathered Wed. July 26 to see if there was interest in organizing a volunteer group to let potential thieves know that Castor is being watched.
“I call it ‘Castor Night Watch’, “ said Randy Kary, owner of Castor Value Drug Mart and organizer of the meeting.
The ultimate goal of the meeting was to gain enough volunteers for the night watch, ideally two people in their own vehicle, as the handful of people doing it now, will burn out, said Kary.
Kary gave those in attendance two occurences in the wee hours of the morning where he may very well have prevented a theft. He had seen one vehicle zigzagging through Castor’s residential area at three in the morning. As soon as I let them know I was there, they immediately left town at a high rate of speed, said Kary.
Another suspicious vehicle was parked in front of a liquor store at three in the morning.
“We don’t have 24-hr. liquor stores,” stated Kary.
It’s not local people doing the break ins, it’s organized-crime, said Kary.
Rod Anderson of Castor told the group gathered that the thieves were in and out of his store in under two minutes.
“We just want to let people [thieves] know that we’re there, we certainly are not going to engage with them,” said Kary.
Kary impressed upon the group that it would not be a vigilante group.
“Absolutely not, because if you hurt them, or are pursuing them you can be charged,” stated Kary emphatically.
A night watchman, Kary added, “you can’t do anything that interferes with what’s happening”. All you need to do is get information.
“We want to be a deterrent, not looking for heroes,” he added.
Efforts made several times to get the Citizens On Patrol (COP) program organized in the past has failed.
Other options were raised but the majority leaned toward an organized volunteer group.
Meeting concluded with some signing up to take shifts. Kary is hopeful that many more volunteers will sign up at the store as they check their calendars for availability.

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